Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Decide?

Max Azria "Runway" Altered Silk Corset Dress - BCBG
Rose Flats - Marshalls?

Dress - $30 (clearance, from 2002)

Ah. Clearance. :)

Anyway - the weather is simply atrocious, as per usual. I really long for the day when I can wear something that doesn't need to somehow fit in to multiple seasons. Cold, rainy, warm, rainy and then just hot. Ridiculous - which is what my title for today refers to.

My mumsy picked up this dress for me, and it was really cute from the beginning but it had these god-awful breast cup/pockets things. Convient for hiding cash on the outside of your body. SO - needless to say they had to go, which wasn't very difficult. They became the hub-cap/shoulder pads for it. Now to adjust the straps a bit, maybe.

My school research project is indeed bearing down on me, and I know what I'll be doing tonight and the rest of this weekend.

Before I go:

-And some inspiration:

With that, I'm off to be an industrious student.

Jenna B.


  1. I absolutely adored your dress today! :) And I completely agree with you on the weather.

    The inspiration photo today is amazing, too! :D

  2. Great dress Jenna! You look super in it :)