Jenna /// 17 /// Student /// Aspiring Fashion Designer

I'm not very good at this brief synopsizing of oneself. 

I started this blog to catalogue all of my outfits, talk about things I'm passionate about, motivate myself to be more adventurous and daring with my dress and  work on my own creations.

I'm a senior in high school - which feels horribly weird to type, considering I feel about ten million miles away from "adulthood" - and I'm hoping I can attend a college that will get me out of the suburban landscape I currently call home and get me prepared to enter the fashion world.

Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood inspire me immensely - along with flowers, Monet, and the people I creep on while out and about in the world. And history. And pretty much everything else. Slugs, sometimes.

I never know if I'm ahead of my time or really far behind - but I'm definitely a bit misplaced, hence the "anachronism" bit. The Rococo era calls to me almost as much as the 25th century. 
I don't know how "charming" I am, as that's for others to judge, but I do know that I like to flatter myself an easy person to get along with. If you respect me, I'll do the same for you. Simple. 

Anywho. If there's anything more you want to know - within reason, I'm not silly, don't think I'll tell you where I live :p - drop a comment, and I'll respond. 


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