Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adrift in the shallows, a modest repose.

Outfit Details:
Ralph Lauren Ruffle Blouse - Belk
Lace Cami - Target
Tabitha "Purple" Cotton Skirt - Anthropologie
Seychelles "Cuckoo" Booties - Nordstrom


I loved this black skirt so much (and it's purple counterpart went on sale a few months afterward) - so, naturally, I had to coordinate it in a similar way. The original outfit with flats - this with heels. If you find something you really love - buy two. Seriously.



In my new "mellow" music mood - I re-discovered some music I'd forgotten about on my iPod:

The lyrics: I know - lyric spam, but they're so beautiful. I can't help myself.

Coconut Grove
Is a very small cove
separated from the sea
by a shifting shoal
we didn't realize that
we had arrived
at high tide, high tide
barely made it out alive

red over white

fishermen working at night
not even once
did we see a light
we didn't realize
the forecast had been revised
by moonless skies and
shifty wind that gusts and dies

on the sand our keel is heaving

but tonight we've got to be leaving
travel through the day and into the evening

Marathon how long we've been gone

and still not yet set foot upon you

your low lying shore opens welcomingly

to one who's spent the night at sea
Adrift in the shallows, a modest repose
adorn with coral, your bright colors show
ushered in through a bridge that is never closed


The song has a great maritime sound to it, and killer lyrics and vocals to boot. Give it a listen. :)

Now then - real blog post-y stuff time:

I have a special place in my heart for just about anything Jane Austen related, from the classic Pride and Prejudice to the lesser known, and unfinished Sand and Sandition. I am accordingly a sucker for all films that come out and try to live up to her novels. And even if they fail miserably, I'll probably find something I love about them.

Which leads us to the 1999 movie adaptation of Mansfield Park: 


For any other Austen lovers or period drama enthusiasts about the internet, I encourage you to watch the film. Not because the film is an accurate portrayal of the novel - but because it is not.

The fact that the film skews and leaves out some major details from the novel might make one believe that the movie must be a failure of some kind - which it is not. The dialogue is witty - the characters are charming, disgusting or downright obnoxious - as they should be. You can't help but start rooting for and against some of the actors, despite your best efforts and you'll laugh (out loud, mind you) at some of the clever banter - I guarantee it. 

But - read the book. It's better, no doubt. This movie was enjoyable and worthwhile. There was something about the director's interpretation of Mansfield Park that I enjoyed immensely. I can't really explain it any better than that. It was interesting - my time was not wasted.

Jane Austen purists are free to scoff in derision - while the rest of us enjoy a nice film, with some fine acting. Especially fine acting by some, actually.


Having finished some AP work - I'm now going to enjoy some mindless television with my dear mum.

Until tomorrow~
Jenna B.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling.

My new friend Frank - the mutated "grasshopper". But don't call him that - just call him Frank. He's very sensitive.

Scoop Neck Tee - Nordstrom
Grey Violet Jeans - United Colours of Benetton
Rose Flats - Marshalls?
Polka Dot Scarf - gift from a friend


Yes. That is indeed an LMFAO reference. I can listen to Party Rock Anthem too.


I have just now finished the written portion to all of my homework for the weekend. Now, to study - study, study, study. As much as I love history, the upcoming test I have to prepare for is going to be a doosey.

That aside. How about that hurricane, East Coasters? I think I spent the majority of it when it hit around my area in my basement watching movies with the mum.

A particular new favorite that emerged - the "recent" adaptation of Thackery's Vanity Fair starring Reese Witherspoon, Jonathan Rhys Meyers (of the Tudors and Bend it Like Beckham fame), and James Purefoy.

For a movie of the 2000's - based on a book written in the early 1800's - the adaptation was fairly well done and true to the book, which is surprising - given the temptation of most film-makers today to twist every classic into a grotesque misrepresentation of the original.

That being said - Witherspoon is miscast, and gives a fairly flat performance. Her girl-next-door innocence, and cheese factor leave the viewer with a lot to be desired. If not for the decent casting of the other characters and their fine acting, the movie would be without any kind of merit.

The movie lasts over 2 hours - and if not for the beautiful cinematography, costumes and musical score - the viewer would lose interest.

The ending slightly disappoints - though I'd rather not ruin it should you like to watch the movie - because it diverges from Thackery's novel entirely and is decided by the 21st century screenwriters. The satirical nature of the novel is lost on the movie - which takes itself quite seriously and attempts to create some kind of "accurate" representation of 19th century life.

In general, though, the movie was enjoyable. It did not seem to drag on (due to the costuming, sets, and fast pace of scene changes), the dialogue was quite witty on numerous occasions, and the choice of male casting for Mr.Osborne and Rawdon Crawley makes up for the more lackluster bits. James Purefoy or Jonathan Meyers can feel free to marry me at any time - I will not abuse them like Ms. Becky Sharp. No no.

It's difficult to find decent images of the costumes in this film - mostly because searching "Vanity Fair" in Google results in various magazine covers from the periodical of the same name. For illustration purposes, this was the only halfway decent photo I could find:

If you have half the love I do for these period costumes, this is a must see movie. The sets are equally as terrific.

And whilst on my hunt for elusive costume photos I stumbled upon a deleted scene that would've included a very important story element from the original novel - needless to say, spoiler alert.

I was surprised that the scence included Robert Pattinson who, as some of us might know, plays  Reese's lover in Water for Elephants (another book adaptation film - read the book, please). He plays a much different role in the deleted scene, which only adds to the already quite laughable performance displayed in the particular clip.

So - if you're in need of a Gone With the Wind type "journey" movie, and you've already watched Australia or Jane Eyre pick up Vanity Fair and enjoy a good two hours of beautiful men and "beautiful" women in equally beautiful costumes.


Movie review now out of the way, I'll leave you with a link to my newest iPod addition:

"Are you still waiting?" by Hee Young

I've fallen into a love affair with mellow, feel-good music as of late. We'll see how long this lasts, right?


Until tomorrow~
Jenna B.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

In quiet service to the stories I collect.

White Guess Corset-style dress (worn as a skirt) - Macy's 
White Ruffle Off-brand Blouse - Macy's
White Wrap "Cork" pumps - American Eagle
Maurizio Tauhiti Tote - mum's closet

Original dress without the blouse can be found in this post.


First things first - the title of today's post comes from a song recently added to my iPod's growing library:

And because the lyrics are so beautiful:

I know the distance it takes
to sail around the world
I’ve done it many times
on seas of Van Gogh green
And every night with certainty
the stars descend around the hull like fireflies

It’s no surprise I’m here tonight
Holding out hope for a change in the tide

Painted windows on the skyline
Sail me off this empty island
I’ll be home before you know it
I’ll be home before you know I’m gone

I know the secret waves
that lap around the world
The mermaids sing of them
as they brush their hair with coral
Where every lighthouse sends a beam
like Roman columns to a city down below

And this I know: to plunge down and breathe
Is more than possible if you believe

Painted windows on the skyline
Sail me off this empty island
I’ll be home before you know it
I’ll be home before you know I’m gone

I know the distance it takes
to sail around the world
I’ve done it many times
behind my knotted desk
In quiet service to the stories I collect
Until it’s time to close and go home for the night

Without the pirates
Without the sirens
Without the love notes in bottles at sea
Waiting for someone
Waiting for someone like me

The first day of school went by quite un-eventfully, as expected. I think the first two days of school are a bit of a waste and generally filled with chaos. A lot of forms to be returned and a lot of sitting and talking done. After this weekend, though, I suspect the work will pick up again - much to my dismay. Homework. How I loathe thee.

The East Coast is getting a taste of a great deal of rain - and though I don't like to trivialize the weather we're experiencing in my particular area, I suspect that the incoming "storm of the century" will do little more than flood a few low-lying areas and make everyone's lawn a bit greener. Though - if the weather does worsen enough, widespread power outages are a fairly reasonable concern. Near the coast, naturally, would be a different story.

Aside from a few wasted days of syllabi handouts and unsettling weather phenomenon - the week has been rather quiet. Hopefully yours has been filled with excitement or well-deserved rest.
Until tomorrow~
Jenna B.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Almost worn.

White Tee - Target
Alberto Makali Zebra Corset - Nordstrom Rack
Celebrity Pink Black Capri's - Macy's?
Snakeskin Flats - Nine West
Zebra/Newspaper L.A.M.B Tote - Marshalls


The outfit I almost wore to my first day of classes - before a surprise east coast style earthquake allowed for an extra day of summer vacation. Which, was probably unnecessary - but I'm not going to complain.

And I'm glad I switched outfits, because the outfit I wore to my *real* first day back, earlier today, was a bit more spiffy, for lack of all better words. 

Not to say that I don't love this outfit - because I do! I love monochrome palettes and I especially love a good corset. There's something about wearing a corset that makes you feel instantly ladylike, despite how bold the print, or bright the colour. 


And now allow me to spam you with some of my dear friends the lolcats - also known as - how to make Jenna laugh like a madwoman and fall off her couch:

I am a crazy cat woman - and that's perfectly fine with me. You can't tell me you didn't laugh at least one of these, can you? No. I didn't think so. :)


I wish I had some kind of interesting observation or musing to share - but I have some forms to fill out and a backpack to prepare, so I need to sign off for the day.

Hope your week is going well,
until tomorrow~
Jenna B.

P.S. - Favorite out-takes:

P.P.S - Preview of my *actual* first day outfit:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Insert Clever Title Here

Outfit details:
Ralph Lauren Black Ruffle Blouse - Belk? 
Lace Cami - Target
Merona Capri's - Target
Snakeskin Flats - Nine West


 Pictures from my volunteer day - finally, after I don't know how many days after.

I have an extreme dislike of denim in general - especially the classic blue, rough and tumble denim here. I think to myself "Jenna - you're not digging for gold out west or planting some kind of shrubbery - so why do you need this fabric against your body? HMMMMMMM?" 

And to that I say - sometimes, I like to rough it and pretend I'm a cowboy. (The actual reason of course being that sometimes I like to wear something a bit more casual and comfy.)

I dressed it up a bit though - with the blouse for some easy-breezy effects and these neglected flats from the depths of my closet. So - it wasn't a total wild west kind of moment for me in fashion history. 

I have recently conquered almost all of my school assignments for the summer - but I still have a book and some writing left to tackle. 
I'll wrap up this short little post with a preview for another look I wore out and about - which needs a proper photoshoot soon. 

The flats return! I think I ought to wear them more or they might start to feel neglected.

Jenna B.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Open the doors - run free.

Geez mom, you're making me laugh! :)

Black Scoop Neck Tee - Target
Burberry Brit Kensington Jeans - Burberry Outlet
Rocket Dog Lotus Flower Wrap Shoes - Famous Footwear
Flower ring - Pier 1 Imports


I just began to realize how old I am.

I don't know why it took so long to sink in - but, my high school years are flying by now. Needless to say, that's not really a bad thing (hello - college) - but, it kind of crept up on me. 

My age epiphany did not randomly come to me, as so many other random thoughts do when I'm sitting at my computer with a blank screen after my outfit pictures. I helped out with a freshman orientation for my high school and saw all the new blood coming in. And then I realized. Those days are so far away. They passed like *finger snap here*. 

 Not that I look any older - because, quite frankly, I think I've looked the same since about the 7th grade. I think everyone else has filled out and shifted and metamorphosed. While I (and one other fellow friend) have discovered that we are probably vampires. I swear. I need to dig out some old photos for comparison for you.

I like the idea of growing up - I always have. I think there's something wonderful about being privileged enough to grow older - because, it is a privilege. Too many people don't have the opportunity to grow older, and it's one of the many tragedies of our world today. Of course, on the other side of that is those that have to grow older more quickly, and miss out childhood. I like to think I've been very fortunate in that respect - I've grown at a decent pace. 

And now that I'm done musing about how at 16 I'm becoming old - OMG GUYS I THINK I SEE A GREY HAIR!!!111!!!!11 - allow us to continue to the clothing.

I. Love. These. Jeans. 

I want to sleep with them on. I want to shower with them on. I want to just wear them all the time. But I stop myself - somehow.

They're super comfortable (soft and cozy) and yet made of durable denim. I have no idea how this is possible. Burberry needs to send me their secret. I also love the plaid pocket lining. It's just a cute touch - makes me feel even better in them. Because, really, who else other than me is going to see the pocket lining?

The outfit was really easy, which isn't common for me because I love to be bold and crazy and have god-only-knows how much going on. But, I had to highlight these jeans. They needed to be the center of attention, and I couldn't bring myself to draw attention away from them at all.

I also dug this ring out of closet - it's been stuck in my jewelry box far too long. What luck that it was the exact same colour as these jeans. Talk about a win. 


Anywho - I hope your week has gone well - tomorrow is Friday, so if it hasn't, you have that to look forward to.~
Jenna B.


I'm helping out at my school again this afternoon - so I might take photos of my casual-working style outfit for another change of pace.


My mum and I went on a bit of a shopping spree - preview anyone?