Monday, May 30, 2011

Movie Night.

The quest for a family film last night was completed when we finally settled on Almost Famous.

There were quite a few (now) big name stars and a few guys you might recognize from The Office, Modern Family or My Name is Earl.

So there you have it - the main cast all lined up. :)

Basically - let me see if I can synopsis-ise this movie well enough - a high-school boy is given the chance to write a story for Rolling Stone Magazine about an up-and-coming rock band as he accompanies them on their concert tour. 

But - it's more than that. 
I'd rather not spoil the movie for you if you haven't seen it - because you really, really should. Despite the movie's R rating, the movie is rather PG-13, save for the use of the f- word. If you can handle that, you can handle this movie and love it.

Most importantly - the entire reason this movie deserves a blog post - is the character Penny Lane. Played by the gorgeous Kate Hudson. Yeah. :)

Now - this is a fashion blog at it's heart, so I will now proceed to ramble about the fashion here.

Penny Lane - I love thee. 

Now - don't take that as my advice and consent to round up all your crop tops, skirts and fringe coats to put on again. No. Not what I mean.

The beauty of all of Kate Hudson's costumes in this movie are that they never strike you as costumes. Her outfits - no matter how simple or how era specific - always have the sense of being complete and put together. She has a certain "style" that is her own, that one can associate with her.

Once again, that's not to say that all the outfits we own need to match and follow a certain set of rules - how boring would that be? But, there's something to be said for having a distinct vision and a distinct look that people can associate with you, and that's what I hope this blog is helping or will help me accomplish.

Now - allow me to shower you with quotes that I loved from this movie too, and then I'll let you go:

Penny Lane: You're too sweet for rock and roll.
William Miller: Sweet? Where do you get off? Where do you get sweet? I am dark and mysterious, and *pissed off*! And I could be very dangerous to all of you! You should know that about me... I am *the enemy*!

Anita Miller: FECK YOU!
Elaine Miller: HEY!
Anita Miller: This is a house of lies!
Elaine Miller: Well there it is, your sister used the "F" word.
Young William: I think she said "feck."
Elaine Miller: What's the difference?
Young William: The letter "u." 

Anita Miller: All the kids make fun of him. They call him the Narc behind his back.
Elaine Miller: What's a narc?
Anita Miller: It's a narcotics officer.
Elaine Miller: Well, what's wrong with THAT?  

Hopefully you'll run to the nearest movie place and rent this now,

Jenna B.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello Friday - Goodbye Thursday.

And posted on a Saturday. Go figure. 

"Hello" Hello Kitty Tee - Hot Topic
Black Skinnies - Target
Skelanimals Skimmer's - Hot Topic
Chococat Watch - McDonald's

You're never too old for Happy Meal toys! If you get nothing else from McDonald's - just get the toys.


I love Friday's.

The other days of the workweek, from Monday to Thursday, are alright - I've never really suffered from the anxiety or trouble getting through the week that some people do, and now that I've said that I might've jinxed myself but, alas, alack and oh well. The week drags on, but it's never really great or terrible.

Saturday's are great - and I enjoy them, but not quite as much as Friday's. I'm probably my laziest on Saturday's, which is nice but isn't necessarily the best thing. And Sunday is nice but ruined by the idea of the work week starting the next day - and all the monotony that goes along with that.

Friday's, though, are pretty much perfect. You've had to work, probably, but when work let's out you're free. You carry all sorts of promise for a productive and fun weekend and the sun shines a little brighter while the stars twinkle with a little more effort too. 

My Friday was lovely - filled with food from a local Noodles store with the family and some much needed downtime with them afterword with a movie.

You may not be the type of person that enjoys anime or anything animated at all (Toy Story, etc.) but, even if you are one of those people, I really believe in my heart that you'll enjoy a Hayao Miyazaki film.

The family and I watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind yesterday - which prompted this sudden belief. It has a really calming soundtrack for the most part, and a great story line to boot. A very obvious moral lesson about the dangers of industrialization and pollution - but still, really well crafted.

I think Miyazaki's most recognized film is Spirited Away - which makes sense, because it really is one of his best. But you really can't go wrong with any of his films.

Anyway - just food for thought.

Any movie recommendations for me? Drop a comment, and I'll probably watch it. 

Jenna B.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stripes and Sun.

Hey. There's a kitty sneaking into my picture! 

Anthropologie Striped Halter - Anthropologie
Celebrity Pink Black Capri's - Macy's
Forbidden Bump Flats - Ross


I got into an argument today (more like a friendly debate...but, same thing really) - about the definition of the "universe." 

I don't know about the rest of you but I define the universe as being synonymous with living things, and people. And that's the thing - the "universe" is really just a word that was created to account for all the stuff that makes up the space we live in. So, essentially, the "universe" doesn't exist unless people are around to give the word meaning - the same goes for time, and space, and every other word in any language. 

So I can define the universe however I see fit, because if I really want to I can say red is yellow - and the color itself (the actual thing - the idea and the form) doesn't change because I label it differently. Which would also mean that I can define a word differently or interpret it differently because it's just a word.

Now, that wouldn't be practical at all, if I went around calling cats: "pumpkin pie" and such  - but in this case, with something so undefinable as the "universe", I think there's a great deal of leeway as to what it is - and I happen to prefer my definition to the definition of others.

 I'd love to know where the rest of you stand - how do you define "universe"?


On a lighter, less mind-boggling note - I'm still addicted to the Glee kids and their version of Light up the World. Just by the way. Listen if you haven't yet!

Jenna B.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Light Up The World.

Feel free to "awww" - even though this picture does her no justice. :)

I have fallen behind in my updates, so here I am - catching up with not one, but two outfit posts. Hope you guys can handle it. I think you can.

First photo:
White Scoop Neck Tee - Nordstrom
Merona Capri Jeans - Target
Crocs Sandals (yes. Crocs. :P) - a sporting goods store of some kind
Kitty Scarf - Colombian Artisan

Second Outfit photos:
Burgundy Tee - Target, maybe Walmart?
Ralph Lauren Black Blouse (unbottoned) - Macy's, or Belk.
Black Skinny's - Target
Seychelles Cuckoo Booties - Nordstrom


In case you haven't joined in on the whole Glee-phenom, the title of this post comes from their cover of the song. Yes. I watched the Glee season finale. I didn't watch the rest of the season because of NCIS being on at the same time. I plan to watch the rest of Glee over the summer. Be as disgusted or delighted as you wish.

Now. I don't obsess over Glee, and I still refer to the characters with descriptions because I really can't be bothered to remember their names (ie. the football one, the blonde. the wheelchair kid) - but, I do have to say, that I have been playing this song repeatedly all day at whatever opportunity I may have because it is the most addictive song I think I've even come into contact with. Lady Gaga, step aside. 

Of course, maybe some other song will replace the Glee kids in a few days - but for now, crazy addicted.

I'll now log off, probably blast this song for awhile longer and conquer some reading for my English class - school year's almost up! 


Jenna B.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I am my hair.

Merona Black Tee and Tights - Target
Red Bustier Dress - Papaya
Rose Flats - Marshalls?


I have a great deal of respect for Lady Gaga - sure, she isn't the most traditionally beautiful woman or the most talents singer/songwriter/performer, but you can't deny that she knows how to take theatrics to the extreme and, as she's said herself, she isn't afraid nor does she complain about the "game" that is fame or the music industry in general.

In which case, most of us are familiar with Lady Gaga's first few songs - but her new single "Hair" is my new-found anthem because *my hair* is one of things that really makes up my identity. Take a listen to it here - (crazy addictive beat! You've been warned).

Anywho - since this pretty much a celebration of hair I thought I'd share some inspiration type photo of some really neat hair:

Now, that's from tumblr from ages ago and who's to say it isn't photoshopped a million different ways to Sunday, but it caught my eye and I figured I'd pass it along.

Another inspiration photo (just in general, though Jane's hair is amazing!):

I almost wish it was fall again. 

Now then -
Go forth and love your hair! If it's short, long, curly, straight, dark, light, whatever - it's your hair. 


Jenna B.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Decide?

Max Azria "Runway" Altered Silk Corset Dress - BCBG
Rose Flats - Marshalls?

Dress - $30 (clearance, from 2002)

Ah. Clearance. :)

Anyway - the weather is simply atrocious, as per usual. I really long for the day when I can wear something that doesn't need to somehow fit in to multiple seasons. Cold, rainy, warm, rainy and then just hot. Ridiculous - which is what my title for today refers to.

My mumsy picked up this dress for me, and it was really cute from the beginning but it had these god-awful breast cup/pockets things. Convient for hiding cash on the outside of your body. SO - needless to say they had to go, which wasn't very difficult. They became the hub-cap/shoulder pads for it. Now to adjust the straps a bit, maybe.

My school research project is indeed bearing down on me, and I know what I'll be doing tonight and the rest of this weekend.

Before I go:

-And some inspiration:

With that, I'm off to be an industrious student.

Jenna B.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coordinate and Appreciate.

Jones New York Leopard Hoodie - Marshalls?
Rocket Dog Leopard Wrap Flats - Famous Footwear

Shoes - $5 (also clearance, like the others)


The art show last night was great, as was the accompanying concert. Really lovely. And everyone did such amazing work.

The one piece I put in was a pastel still life with orchids:



Moving to today -
My latest poem can be found here.

The weather was atrocious and bipolar. Sunny - rainy - REALLY rainy - no rain - downpour. Hate.It.

I decided to be somewhat relaxed today because of it, and just wore a hoodie over some black with matching shoes.

Which brings me to----co-ordination!
I love matchy-matchy outfits, actually. It's not something I do often as far as prints go and it's easy to over-do, but I really think matching things can be helpful and eye pleasing, versus just random stuff thrown on and expected to be considered "artsy" or "unique".
Where do the rest of you stand?

Most recently played song on my iPod:
"Private Radio" by Vanessa Carlton

Yeah. That girl who sings the song about a thousand miles and being with you (whoever than you might be) - she's actually done quite a few other songs. This one really picks me up when I have a dreary rainy day like to today.


My research project/product calls - so I will bid you adieu for another day.

Jenna B.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Might as well jump!

F21 "Corset" Jacket - Forever 21
Rocket Dog Wrapped Ribbon Shoes - Famous Footwear

Shoes - $5 (clearance, I love thee!)


My latest poetry type deal can be found here, about one of my favourite scenes of Robinson Crusoe, involving loneliness and footprints.

I'm feeling free, and probably not entirely good to feel so, as I have no homework today. What, you say? Yes. This is such a ridiculously, ludicrous and unbelievable occurance that I couldn't help a literal jump for joy.

The downside is that this is a false joyous moment, with my research project creeping in to destroy my weekend, and after this delirious joy wears off I'm sure I'll realize just how much work is ahead of me.

Until then - I walk around my house in Stuart Weitzman heels and belt out Flashdance tunes in utter ecstasy.

Which brings me to - Songs that I've been replaying to death:
"Jump" by Van Halen 
"Flashdance...What a Feeling", "Manhunt" and "Maniac" - all from the Flashdance soundtrack.

There's an art show at my school this evening, so I should probably log off and get ready to go.

Jenna B.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dreary days can be poetic.

Two outfit posts in one? Holy cow!

Blogger was down for a bit - so you have two outfit updates in one.  Efficiency is one of my closest friends.

Black Scoop Neck Tee - Nordstrom
Green High Waisted Paperbag Pants - The mom's closet :)
Bow Shoes (somewhat hidden) - Marshalls

Pants - Free! 
Shoes - $15


Lacey Blouse - Boutique somewhere on the West coast
Black Celebrity Pink Jeans - Macy's
Sbica Wedges -


To start off, the East coast is having a bout of nasty, dreary weather. Fortunately for me, my morning was spent indoors in a library with some wonderful people.

Our writing group has it's own blog, Riverside Young Writers, of which I am now a contributer. We began a month long challenge to write a poem a day for the next month. 

If you have any interest in reading some (really!) amazing poetry from all of our members be sure to click the link, check it out and follow us.

On another note, school is dying down somewhat with the end of AP testing. Finally able to enjoy some down time and update this blog with somewhat more frequency.

Just as a side-addition today, I thought I'd share some inspirationy type pictures I've collected:

Miu Miu perfection - available at Nieman Marcus, for those interested.



No real cohesion, just images that I really love. 

Hope you all have wonderful weekends. 

Jenna B.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've been to the dentist a thousand times.

Black Dragon Brocade Tripp NYC Corset - Hot Topic
Black Seychelles Cuckoo Bootie - Nordstrom



Teeth cleaning today - then hitting the books again.

This outfit is an oldie - other than the shoes. I actually own a quarter of a closet full of corest-ed items, which have somehow escaped being featured on this blog. The weather or the occasion of my day seems to have prevented their appearance.

Needless to say - they will be making a return. I love them.
 (And for anyone whose frightened away at the sight of Hot Topic - let me just say, not all my corsets found themselves in that particular store and you can really find cute stuff in there sometimes! Hello Kitty related, especially.)

Anywho - being a studious student now.

Jenna B.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I wish I was an antique.

Black Cardigan - Belk? Macy's? It's been so long since I bought it.
Burgundy T-shirt - Target
Robert Rodriguez Lace and Leather Skirt - Nordstrom
Burgundy? Leggings - American Apparel
Born of Concept Rose Flats - Marshalls



The two reds don't match exactly, no. But their a similar tone, so I just went with it. 

I've been living in my AP Bio. Prep Book for awhile now, and decided to take a little break and upload these photos. 

The little rascal in the second photo is my fabulous cat Kitsune. She was hungry, otherwise she'd probably avoid the camera. She was quick to rush me from the living room to the kitchen as quickly as possible.

I've also been listening to some older tracks on my iPod lately - just throwing it on shuffle and hoping I'll still like what comes out.

My two favourite tracks from today:
"Amaranth" by Nightwish
"The Islander" also by Nightwish

The cheesiness factor of the music videos should not discourage a listen - they're really lovely songs. I swear. :)
The Islander (without watching the video, purely lyrics) always makes me think of Robinson Crusoe, which is another book well worth a read. A scene involving footprints in the sand is especially near and dear to my heart.

Anywho - I should probably get back to my studies.

Jenna B.

P.S. - Before I forget! Thank you to my two new followers. :) You guys are awesome.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I love not man the less, but Nature more.

Lacy Black Tank - Target?
White Dress Shirt - Borrowed from Dad
Black Skinny Capri's - Macy's? (or possibly Belk)
Rose Flats - Marshalls
Harajuku Lovers Film Noir Bag - Nordstrom
Rose Belt - gift from my grandmum
Dress Shirt + Rose Belt - free. :)



Worn to AP review session on Saturday, long review but hopefully worth it.

For those in college/high school - best of luck on finals/AP's. We're in the home stretch. It can be done!
Not much less to report, except that I have a great love for Lord Byron - the writer behind the quote.

For those who haven't done so, it's worth your time to read Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. And once you've done so, to watch the film adaptation. Both were brilliant and had their respective merits.

 (The cover of the movie poster, as well as a recent edition of the book.)

Nonfiction is not too often interesting to those who aren't history buffs - but this happens to be one of those nonfiction books that will captivate even the most ardent hater of the genre. The book is paced beautifully and never seems dull. The movie has brilliant acting, especially by Emile Hirsch and some amazing cinematography. The soundtrack to the movie is magnificent too, and perfectly captures all the different aspects Krakauer touches on in the book.

Anywho - I best get to the studying. 

Best of luck again, to those in the same boat.

Jenna B.