Friday, October 12, 2012

Nomadic // Free

Ralph Lauren Ruffle Blouse // Belk
Lace Cami // Target?
Elizabeth and James High Waist Tennis-Skirt // Neiman Marcus
"Pearl" Strand // Kohls
Floral Flats // Nordstrom

I don’t think we should try to make space our own. I believe that as modern people we should live in mobility. We should always be moving.
                                                -Yohji Yamamoto
I find myself often wondering what the view is like from somewhere else, as someone else, in some other time or some other mood. That’s the heart of me – the fabric of my body, my soul, my mind. And that’s why I wonder about you.
I wonder where the rage comes from. The hostility for everything and everyone. I wonder where it will lead you – I wonder where you think the loathing will guide you. And I wonder where the goodness goes - where the kindness dissapates from you…leaving your body for the air and space and everywhere in between.
You seem immobile to me and I think that’s what I find the most confusing. There’s no desire in you to change – but an intense determination to change everyone else. I wonder if you’re standing up against something. I wonder if you know what you’re fighting for, because I don’t, and I’ve frightened for you - I don’t know that anyone ever will.
I wonder what the view is like from where you choose to stand. Where you choose to isolate yourself. Where you choose to freeze yourself with your burning detestation.
I hope the view is nice from there, but I don’t see how it could be. I don’t see how you can drape yourself with the fabric you’ve chosen.
Just remember that you can change. I know you can, if you find that you want to. And if you choose to travel beyond the small borders you’ve made, you might find that the view is nice here too.
And there are so many more vistas to discover - if you’ll only open your eyes to them. Someday, maybe, learn to enjoy the silence rather than the sound of your calculated words and sentences; inorganic and harsh.
The more you move – the easier it will be.
Trust me for once. 
---A letter to someone I know. Likely to fall on deaf ears, but we all know someone like that...
Have a wonderful weekend~
Jenna B.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

To be modern is to tear the soul out of every thing.

Dress, Corset, and Slip // Handmade - my own
Shoes // Macy's

        Yohji Yamamoto is one of the wisest and most talented people I've ever had the privilege of knowing without actually knowing. When I read his quotes and snippets from his autobiography (a book I hope to own soon - My Dear Bomb) I feel a certain kinship. There's something immensely compelling about a man who can unite people from vastly different demographic groups with ideas and thought.

        On that note, I've been inspired to begin blogging again - as a motivator. 
         I've had this post as a draft with nothing written for close to 4 months now. I made these pieces for my independent study project final at school. I loved the process and I loved the results.

         Since then, I took a trip to New York, as mentioned in a previous post. My time there was amazing, I made 3 new garments, which are far better than these, I met some of the most talented individuals I know and I realized that fashion was, in fact, the absolute and definite purpose of my life. Not because I think it's cool, or easy but because it let me say something. Say something worth expressing. Think thoughts worth sharing.

          I hope this blog will inspire me to continue doing that - in spite of the fact that work is piling up, college applications are looming, my portfolio needs attention and I can't say for certain when I'll have time to make things or even think of making things.

          I suppose I'll just have to make some...

Until then~
Jenna B.