Friday, June 24, 2011

A Brief Hiatus...

The line was so ridiculously long, we were just going to snap some pictures with the entrance sign...

We gave it a few hours though, explored the city and came back - the line was gone! So we were able to get in. 

You may now call me "Runs with Squirrels" - or "Crazy Woman", whichever seems more suitable to you.

Ann Taylor Loft Silk Flower Print Dress - Ann Taylor Loft
Born of Concept Rose Sandals - Marshalls


The rents and I made it up to Philadelphia two days ago, and stayed overnight for a quick stay to the nation's place of birth. 

Philly isn't the most glorious city (take note, New York City will always reign supreme) - but you can't explore the city without appreciating the fact that it was planned carefully, and it is the home of the Philly Cheesesteak.

I have no pictures of myself devouring this wonderful sandwich, also known as Heaven in a Bun - this is because I chowed it down so quickly and because pictures of people eating are not attractive at all. But, rest assured, you have not lived until you have eaten a Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia. 

The park we explored in the city, not far from Constitutional Hall, was nice and peaceful enough. It's greatest feature was a kind Squirrel. I love squirrels, as you might have guessed from my run with one. We were having a great time, I assure you. We're pals now.


To explain the title of my post - I will be MIA until July 18th and my blog will be sadly left to gather dust for the next three weeks.

I'm attending a summer program for Spanish immersion - and this means no English music, books, TV or internet until I leave!

I am allowed to have a camera, though. So I suspect when I return you will have enough photo-spam to last you a lifetime.

I hope your next weeks will be filled with fun, laughs, joy and just general carrrying-on.

All the best, and I'll be back soon enough~
Jenna B.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cintura sola, da media vuelta.

Lime Green Tee - Mum's closet
Black Shorts with Pink Belt - Belk
Sergio Rossi Pastel Purple and White Print Heels - Nordstrom
Harajuku Lovers 80's print Tote - Ross/Marshalls

Listening to:


School's let out awhile ago in my particular county, and as a gift/reward for my year long hard work my mum agreed to buy me these amazing heels!

Sergio Rossi makes some crazy shoes - and these are statement heels for sure. I love the colour and the design - it's just "tribal" enough to catch on this African print trend that seems to be taking hold. I tried (in vain) to locate them online. Scouring endless shoe suppliers and designer discount websites - even eBay didn't have them! It was like they didn't exist. So, I'm really glad we snatched them up when we did.

And I'm experimenting with colour blocking again. It feels nice to be playing around with colours - they really add some spice to my otherwise monochrome wardrobe.


I haven't updated in what seems like forever - mostly because I've actually been busy! My friends have hosted some amazing parties - and I've been doing some one-on-one visiting with some of them. It feels so good to reconnect and relax after all the stress we endure throughout the year.

Speaking of stress and anxiety, I stumbled upon this cute comic on tumblr:

So accurate! I think there's a little bit of her in all of us - especially when the stress is on.


I could gush for days about how much fun it's been to finally socialize with my friends outside of a school setting, but I don't know how they'd feel about me talking about them on the internet - so I shall instead share some amusing and inspiring pictures. One of which is my current desktop background:

Funny. Also, kind of true.

My desktop background. Kitties, cute shoes and a bright statement colour! 

Vogue shoot from it's earlier days. I love everything about this picture - pose, outfit, setting. I miss Vogue's more avant garde shoots like this.


Hopefully your weekend will go well - and best wishes for your upcoming week~
Jenna B.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's a Pillow, It's a Pet...

It's a Pillow Pet!
Anthropologie Vest - Anthropologie
Lace Cami - Walmart
Celebrity Pink Black Capri's - Macy's? Belk? One or the other.
Inc. Elastic Wrap and Leather Heels - Macy's

Panda Pillow Pets Pee-wee! - Target


How long have I longed for a pillow pet? Too long, I say. 
His name is Pandy the Pandiferous, because I'm very clever and such. :)


Cutesy Pillow Pets aside, we can move on to an elaboration on what I began here:

The world is vast - explore it.

The beauty of programs on National Geographic or the Travel channel or Travel magazines is that they instill a love and desire for travel - they are not travel in themselves. It is not the same experience to see the Grand Canyon in a magazine or on TV as it is to see the Grand Canyon. That, of course, applies to every other location and country they cover.

Of course, not everyone can afford to travel to Spain for the summer - and sometimes the people that can don't appreciate it as much as they should - but there's a great deal of travel to be done in one's own country, if that's all one can afford to do.

And as much as I enjoy a nice resort experience, it is just that: a resort experience. It is not travel experience. You get a bit of a taste of travel when you fly to a resort, because you have to deal with checking baggage, annoying stewardesses and such - but that is not the entire experience. Travel involves leaving your own comfort zone and cultural misrepresentations and experiencing a country for what it really is.

Every time I see a television program or article on Bolivia (a country I used to call home) - I shake my head a little bit and switch my focus to something else. Either, the program makes the country look almost ten times worse than it is or ten times better. 

Bolivia is a poor country. They are landlocked and generally un-industrialized, have enormous political problems, and a floundering economy. They are also some of the most fascinating people I've ever known, some of the most hard working, and the country is filled with life, sounds of music and culture that the industrialized world seems to have forgotten.

There is an amazing open market in Cochabamba, Bolivia - called La Cancha. It smells horid, has animals wandering through it, has animals hanging from stalls that look incredibly unappetizing and a majority of the vendors would scare you half to death. The crafts (hats, tables, etc.) are amazingly well made, cheap and durable. The food is real and raw. The people are uniquely Bolivian.

That smell is one you don't soon forget - and that is travel. It's the stench of a country that never leaves your nostrils. It's the culture shock experience that leaves you breathless, confused, and wandering. Travel is confusion - it's new experiences - it's getting lost.

Now - I'm not trying to knock your resorts and poolside vacations - they have their merits too. 

But if you really want to travel and know another culture, you have to be willing to accept that it might not be as glamorous as the magazines make it sound. And I encourage you to do so - because the best way to broaden horizons and know yourself better is to travel to a new country and experience a different culture. It's also the best way to educate yourself about other cultures and not allow yourself to become ignorant and insensitive. 

If you do decide to travel - even if it is just to a new part of your home state - let me give you my two-cents of advice to successful travel:

1) Never act like a tourist - and that includes acting like your not a tourist, because this is what all tourists do. If you take on the persona of an arrogant, know-it-all local, you will be sadly mistaken and you will be mugged. Consider for a second how you act where you live now. Now just act that way when you travel. If you start acting, people can tell. Just enjoy where you are and be yourself.

2) Learn the language of the country you will visit. This doesn't apply much to domestic travel, but (please!) if you travel to a foreign country - know the language before you get there. There is nothing more dangerous when traveling than not understanding what is being said about you as you pass by. People will be able to tell you are foreign the moment you speak, most likely, but they will respect you more and be less likely to take advantage if they see you're making an effort and they can't pull the wool over your eyes.

3) Don't travel alone. You are asking for trouble. You will get in trouble. Bad things will happen. 

4) Be personable. The reason people don't like tourists is because they think they will be insensitive or rude or uninterested in the location they are visiting. Talk to people and ask them about their favorite places to eat, shop, etc. Be interested in experiencing the real deal and knowing what people really do wherever your visiting.

5) Travel often. The best way to become more confident about your travel and more successful in the different areas you visit is to visit them often and visit new places. Discover something new when you revisit an old locale or take what you learned from another trip and apply it to the rest.

There's plenty of other advice floating around on the internet and in multiple books, which I encourage you to glance at - but, for the most part, I'd say that's my top five tips. 


My mum is taking me northward to browse an outlet mall later today and I best get myself ready to go.

Hope your weekend is going well~
Jenna B.

Friday, June 10, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish

Odille Moss Wrap Blouse - Anthropologie
Vintage Calvin Klein Pencil Skirt - The mum's closet
I-N-C Wrap Heels - Macy's
Straw Fish Purse - Marshalls


Oh look - if it isn't Kitsune trying to be all cute and sit in my photos.

That's alright, I guess. She's pretty cute.


Last day of class today. Mainly just hanging about and making plans for the lengthy summer break. And summer assignments handed out - the school system sneaking into my summer.

Busy weekend fast approaching for me - writing group tomorrow and a wonderful summer/going-away party with Ms. Shayli of What the Mirror Saw.

The youth's writing group I attend has a blog here, and is filled to the brim with our poetry for this month's challenge. A poem a day - we did quite well, too. A bit of slacking at the end, but - for the most part - really well done.

More to come tomorrow, with all this newfound time on my hands!


Jenna B.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Merona Simple White Tee - Target
h&m Gold and Silver Corset (modified) - h&m
BCBG Simple White Shorts - BCBG outlet
Monteray Bay Sparkle Strap Wedges - Payless


Quote of today from Derek Bok.

To explain the quote:
My final Government/Politics class of the year (and hopefully ever) - consisted of a series of discussions and "debates" on certain issues.

My dear friend Shay, of What the Mirror Saw, takes the class with me, and we discussed the merits of more funding for education. Just kind of stuck with me all day.

I cannot express enough how important it is to educate yourself - not only with school and classes and such, but with exposing yourself to new situations, lifestyles and ideas. The world is vast - explore it!

Might elaborate on this later, too. There's a lot to cover.


The school day was cut in half today, so my dear mama took me shopping at our favourite outlet stores.

We hit an amazing sale and clearance section at Anthropologie, allow me to spam you with pictures of the haul!

The bags came from a run to Marshalls - but the clothing is all Anthropologie steals!

Best deal?
Violet Jacket - $9.95 (yes, only about ten dollars) reduced from $180


This is why I shop with my super savvy sale snooping mummy!

The rest?
All under $25.

Everything was reduced by an extra 25%, plus, everything was clearance already.

Our total bill was significantly less than what one item would have been at full price.

Basically, a 7 for 1 deal.


Anyone else play the sale game? Share please!


Last day of school tomorrow! Summertime fast approaching.

Jenna B.

P.S. - My dearest Kitsune the cat was also quite happy about the shopping haul. She couldn't resist trying them on.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Simple and Sincere.

Simple Black Scoop Neck Tee - Target
Capri Jeans - Target
Nike Black Strap Sandals - Nike Outlet
Betsey Johnson Mirror Belt - Nordstrom
Tokidoki Tote - Tokidoki Boutique

Keeping it simple for school today. First day of finals!

I wish I had some kind of profound thoughts or musings - but today was quite dry. Maybe tomorrow?

My mummy did finish modifying a corset I bought from h&m awhile ago. We went shoe shopping today and found the perfect new shoe(s) to accompany it.

I'll likely wear it on Thursday - so see you then!


Jenna B.

Monday, June 6, 2011

When the Shadows remain in the Light of day.

White Scoop Neck Tee - Nordstrom
Trouve Leather Shorts - Nordstrom
Stuart Weitzman Heels - Nordstrom
Betsey Johnson Leopard Watch - Nordstrom

Geez. I didn't realize that until typing it -the people up at Nordstrom need to be paying me or something!


Second outfit from my photoshoot with Ms. Shayli of What the Mirror Saw. :)

I thought it was perfect that Annika (According to Annika) had a post about loving a white t-shirt from a brand that sold high end clothing. The shirt I'm wearing is the only thing we could afford to buy in the legitemate, non-outlet Nordstrom at the time. Made my day to see her post.


Anyway, I have a bit of scrapbooking to attend to for my Drama Club's historian duties.

I discovered all sorts of great paper and such at the local crafty/scrapbooking store and can't wait to get started on the project.

Scrolling through a year's worth of memories of club and performances was great too! So many pictures and such to edit and print. I think we spent 20 dollars getting them printed - so it's not wonder that our Club has never had a scrapbook before. 

Here's to firsts!

I love doing artsy projects - like the headbands I talk about here.

With the summer fast approaching, I'll have to do more artistic type things and post them.


Do you do anything artsy? Draw, design, write, etc.?

If you do, post a link! I'll definitely check it out.

I best actually work on this scrapbook - so I bid you adieu~
Jenna B.