Friday, January 20, 2012

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

She's right there! Seriously - behind the door. Can't you see her?

Told you, bro.

Yeah. A Meme. I went there.

The Outfit:
Carmen Sandiego Coat - Anthropologie
Tee - Target
Ralph Lauren Ruffle Blouse - Macy's (maybe Belk?)
Trouve Leather and Lace Skirt - Nordstrom
Hue Sweater Tights - Nordstrom
Rachel Antonoff Leather and Lace Shoes - (Hooray for Christmas gifts!)


The Blog Post:

I love the 90's - so I decided 90's nostalgia was fitting for a post. Apparently they still make the games for her too - and there's a TV show. Crazy stuff.

I actually didn't remember her until my friend mentioned my coat's resemblance and I scrolled through some image results on Google. I was like "What? Carmen who? OHMYGOODNESSHOLYCANNOLI I totally played those games!!!111!!111"

It was pretty exciting, clearly. You know I'm crazed if my fingers jump on and off the shift key.


Anywho -I'm wandering up north for the weekend.

The drama club at my school has a fabulous trip planned to New York City, and I'm super-duper excited. Yes. Super-duper. I said it.

Something about that place just calls out to me. It's my second home, even though I'm still a total and utter tourist. There's an energy and a vibrancy to the city that I've yet to find anywhere else.


The trip comes at the most perfect opportune moment because we've all just survived a week of midterm exams and crazy-hectic dashes about to finish all of our work for the semester.

This afternoon, the mum and I hit up Burger King for some horribly greasy yet delicious and wonderful burgers and made easy-bake cookies. Sometimes you just need some junk food to celebrate properly. Seriously.


Here's to a relaxing weekend for all of us, eh?

Until next time~
Jenna B.

P.S. Another reason to love NYC? Shopping! Can someone say Sephora? Here I come.