Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some Things Change; Some Things Remain.

Make your eyes hurt a bit? Haha. I thought it looked neat.

 Outfit Details
BCBG Ruffle Trench - BCBG
Ruffle Blouse - boutique purchase from years past
Elizabeth and James Tennis-style Skirt - Neiman Marcus
Hue Sweater Tights - Nordstrom
Jeffrey Campbell Cat Print Litas -


And the New Year begins. Hello 2012, nice to meet you.

2011 and I have parted ways. He was great and all - I'll remember him fondly for many reasons. But our time came and went. It came and went quite quickly, actually.


People like to reflect at this time of year. They like to look back and reminisce and try to think of ways to better themselves.

Statistically speaking - most people reflect on their health, their wealth and their happiness and resolve to improve, or maintain them. Also statistically speaking, most people tend to fail. 

I don't really subscribe to the New Year's resolution. I think if you want to change something in your life you shouldn't procrastinate and wait for the calendar to switch to suddenly improve yourself.

So I suppose that's my own type of resolution.

I want to stop procrastinating and do the things I want to do when I want to do them. No more waiting around. No more "one day..." and more "today..."

If you happen to have some resolutions, I wish you luck with them - if you truly want to accomplish them, I'm sure you will. And if you don't, perhaps you might discover something even more important that needs doing this year.


Much as I don't subscribe to the resolution bit - I am rather taken with the reflection bit. 

Cue the nostalgia.

This year I started this blog. I laughed so hard I cried. I cried so hard I laughed. 

I went away on a Spanish retreat. I survived 3 weeks without technology. I survived 3 weeks without my parents. 

I learned to better appreciate those same parents. 

I rediscovered my passions. I discovered new passions. I still have straight A's.

I bought too many pairs of shoes. I learned I can never have too many shoes. (There might be a photospam of shoes...)

I wore makeup on a daily basis. I went without makeup on a daily basis. I had ridiculously fun photo shoots with Shayli and Asia.

I had ridiculously fun photo shoots with my mum. 

I made some mistakes. I did some things right. I lived this past year, I didn't just survive...


Speaking of which, did you survive all that nostalgia?

Well done.

The final outfit of 2011 now posted, my nostalgia now sated, and my to-do list finished - I look forward to the new year.


Best wishes for an amazing ride in 2012~
Jenna B.

Friday, December 23, 2011

As The Wind Starts To Cut Through.

Outfit Details

Tee - Target
Hinge Tuxedo-style Jacket - Anthropologie
Kilt/Skirt - United Colors of Benetton
Tights - Target
Vince Camuto Zipper Boots - Nordstrom Rack


Song inspiring today's title:
Hear the Bells -- Vanessa Carlton

The sound is eerie and soothing simultaneously. Worth a listen, if you ask me.


Now that I have been home for a few days for my much needed break, I've had the chance to begin catching up on various films/series that I've neglected for schoolwork.

One of the standouts from my various viewings was Miss Potter - a period piece based on a biography about Beatrix Potter. Potter is the author of some of my most beloved children's books, and after seeing the biography numerous times at work and shelving a few of her books, I decided to plop down and watch the film.

Begin: movie review time.

I'll start with an odd little tidbit. The cover of the DVD version (above) has Ewan McGregor sans-mustache. Throughout the entire movie, he has a mustache. Not one scene without one - probably to appeal to people browsing and wanting to make it obvious that it is, in fact, the famous actor. It's amazing how a little facial hair changes the face.

Anyway - continuing. The movie is really adorable. Super cute. It makes you think about bunnies and kitties and other small, fuzzy-wuzzy animals. It's really cute. Reaaaaaally cute. Until it gets depressing.

I don't really want to ruin it, but just be warned, that despite how chick-flick, lovey-dovey it looks, it does become rather sad. Still totally worth the watch, but prepare your tear ducts accordingly.

The movie would probably be adorable to anyone who has a heart in their chest, and maybe even to those of you who claim to lack emotions - actually - but it's ever more wonderful when you understand how prolific of a writer Potter actually was.

To begin -

The author, young-ish, with one of her pets. The love she had for animals was very apparent from a young age, and (fun fact time) she also had a love for fungi. She toyed with the idea of becoming a mycologist.

However, if you remember being read to as a child - you might remember the stories of Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, or Benjamin Bunny. There are others, to be sure, but some of the more popular titles included those characters. Peter Rabbit was a personal favourite of mine, as seen below:

With Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail, too.

Mycology was not to be, but book writing was. And write and illustrate, she did.

If you have a local library, or a bit of holiday fun money coming your way, I would definitely recommend buying a few of her tales. Even as a teenager, I adore them. Adults can feel free to oooo and aaaah and awwww at them too - no shame.

Nostalgia over - and back to movie review time.

The point is - the movie does a really wonderful job not only of portraying Potter, but of bringing all the childhood stories to life. The illustrations make appearances throughout the movie and add considerably to it's charm.

And while we're on the topic of charm, let's not forget to mention that Renee Zellweger is charm and hilarity and wonderfulness wrapped in a cute little package.

The expressions on her face are delightful, and made me smile throughout the movie. Which, I'll have you know, is rather difficult to do. 
Another element that made me smile were the costumes. I found them pitch perfect. The Edwardian style is clear throughout the movie, with very little historical inaccuracy and adds to the feeling of the movie rather than detracting from it as some period costume tends to do. 

And then, finally, I have to comment on the vistas and towns. As seen below, the countryside is beautiful and wonderfully shot.

The town scenes are equally as effective. Wherever it is, exactly, that they shot these scenes are places I'd love to go.

Anyone will tell you (myself included) that I absolutely detest nature with a passion. Unless I can observe it from the indoors. But, I found myself rather inclined to visit the outdoors after this movie.

Hopefully that part will wear off. Bugs. Eww.


I have developed quite a hankering for some gingerbread in the process of writing this post. I leave you to explore my kitchen in search of some.

Until next time~
Jenna B.

Happy Holidays in advance, should I not make another post until after they all conclude.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

As They Grow Restless Longing For Some Solitary Company

Outfit Details

Tee - Target
DKNY Skinnies - Gift from the Mum
BCBG Ruffled Back Trench - BCBG
Jeffrey Campbell "Skate's" -


Song from title today:
Africa -- Toto
I don't know what I love more about it - the song, or the absolutely strange and incredibly politically incorrect video. Probably the song, I think.


Holiday season has begun here the America and I've been ushered into my winter break. (Finally.)
This has resulted in multiple overdoses on sugar and subsequent comas of general lethargy and inability to do much more than stare at my latest issue of W and Vogue. Both of which had a surprisingly great amount of actual photoshoots rather than their usual abundance of advertising, actually. 

I have (somehow) gotten myself out of my latest stupor to post these long-overdue photos from the fall. I love the update on the trench that has occurred this season, and I can't wait to share my new red Anthro find soon enough as well. And, Jeffrey, I still love my skates - don't you worry. Sometimes I like to put them on my feet and just stare at them. Which, I'll have you know, is to-ta-lly normal.


Because, as a typical woman, I like to brag about myself, and because this is (I believe) my blog, I have some exciting news. Which you may or may not find exciting, but is very exciting for me.
I recently entered a contest that offers the opportunity to become a published artist and possibly a monetary prize for yourself and your school.

Word isn't in yet about the monetary bit, but the publishing bit is - and my piece will be included.

This is the point at which I became excited.

The piece in question:

I ended up titling it "Seeking Answers" - because I think the piece invokes that kind of a mood. And also because I spend (an unhealthy) amount of time pondering things myself. As does my friend Sherlock Holmes.

If you remember my previous post, or if you happen to have an amazingly well-developed taste for excellent television programming, you might know of the BBC's not-so-recent-anymore adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.

The actor who plays Sherlock, in this series of the same name, is one Benedict Cumberbatch - who you might also see in your last issue of Vogue, the upcoming movie War Horse, and the released-but-not-easily-found-in-my-small-town Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. 

After scouring the internet, or "trollin'" as the kids these days say (or maybe they don't), I finally found a few reference pictures of him that I thought would suit my piece, and I set to work.

I love how non-traditionally gorgeous he his - the same way I love the new models I see popping up in Chanel ads and different photoshoots from (my heaping piles of) magazines. You have to stare at him for quite awhile to really appreciate him.

Anyway - the fact of the matter is that I will be published and it makes me very happy and it needed sharing. And now it has been shared. You also need to immediately go to the Netflix and watch some Sherlock. (Or if you happen to live somewhere were people appreciate fine cinema, maybe you could pop in to a showing of a movie with him in it, eh?)


Where ever it is you are, be it winter or not depending on your hemisphere, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, some kind of Solstice, or nothing at all, be it whatever, be it that you're in school or not (hopefully not) I hope you're having a wonderful week. Enjoy the rest of it.

And no matter what, eat some cookies - especially the home-made kind. Trust me.

Until next time~
Jenna B.

P.S. - I accidentally misspelled Christmas as Chirstmas, and my spell-check offered me the correction of "Christmas" as well as "Masochist". I don't know that they are at all related, but I found it quite amusing.

Finding Enjoyment in The Powerful and Terrible.

Outfit Details

Tee - Target
Ruffle Blouse/Jacket - gifted from the Mum
Simple Black Skirt - Target? Maybe...
Red Tights - American Apparel
Lace Tights - Target
Seychelles Cuckoo Booties - Nordstrom Rack


Some people have accused my tragedy of being too sad, as though one desired a merry tragedy. People clamor for enjoyment as though enjoyment consisted in being foolish. I find enjoyment in the powerful and terrible struggles of life; and the capability of experiencing something, of learning something, gives me pleasure.

- August Strindberg

Something to consider, if you feel so inclined. The quote really struck me as ringing true,  but maybe that's just me.


I use the Post-It feature on my laptop quite often, because I spend so much time on the computer doing all that needs doing and if I didn't I'd probably lose track of the things I have yet to get done. Today, on this rather glorious December day, I have the shortest list I've had in ages.

As a result, I finally had time to sort through my backlogged outfit pictures and make an actual post. It feels good.


In keeping with the recent trend, I have another excerpt from my novel below the cut. Feel free to hit "read more" and enjoy The One Where I Open my Mouth and Speak:

The Final Thousand

Outfit Details

Tee - Target
Hinge Tuxedo-style Jacket - Anthropologie
Pencil Skirt - Anthropologie
Tights - American Apparel
Leifsdottir Heels - Anthropologie


I can't seem to stay away from those heels. They call to me, and say "Please. Wear me in yet another outfit. It might be redundant and repetitive - but please."

Lady GaGa and I - we're on the same wavelength with these.

Wrapping up the final thousands to my novel for NaNoWriMo was so much fun, mostly due to the fabulous writing party I attended with some friends, including one Miss Shay of What The Mirror Saw.

Here's yet another excerpt of what I've been furiously typing up.

Below the cut, you can enjoy "The One Where You Can Learn How To Be Like Me (Or Avoid It)"

Gobble Gobble

Outfit Details
Tee - Target
Elizabeth and James Tennis-style Skirt - Neiman Marcus Last Call
Sweater Tights - Hue (at Nordstrom)
Leifsdottir Heels - Anthropologie


I have definitely eaten far too much this Thanksgiving. With my massive belly full of turkey, pumpkin pie and other such delights, I took to giving my blog a bit of a revamp and decided on a new excerpt to share with you.
If you so choose to read beyond the cut, the piece is titled "The One Where My Teeth Are Cleaned," and is an (entirely fictionalized) account of a trip to the dentist. Oh the horror, I know.

Monday, November 7, 2011

17,723 words later...

Outfit Details:
Striped Top - the Mumsy
Skinnies - Target
ASN Wanna-be Skate Shoes - Bargain bin at Famous Footwear or somewhere similar


The second of my backlogged collection of outfit photos. Super simple, monochrome and comfortable. It was a lazy day. 

All the pictures have me in the same general pose, so I cut it down to this lone wolf. Poor thing. It just serves as a reminder to me to add some variety.

Off the topic of clothing and phototaking, allow me to explain my absence and my lack of willingness to write much in this brief little post:

This month just so happens to be National Novel Writing Month and due to my desire to produce a 50,000 word tome by the end of it, I've found myself devoting a great deal of time to typing words and squinting at the computer screen.

In order to maintain my blogs integrity and to finally post the pictures I've been quite lax in uploading, I've decided to include a snippet from my novel in each post from now until the end of this month.

My novel consists of a series of vignettes about my life, which are exaggerated into absurdity to create what I consider humor. If you happen to enjoy satire and such, I suspect you'll enjoy the the excerpts and you would serve yourself well to click "read more". Obviously, this is a work of fiction. Or, at least most of it is.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Watch The Rain Play On The Ocean Top

Outfit Details:
Leifsdottir Lace Vest - Nordstrom
Skinnies - Target
Jeffrey Campbell "Skate's" -


I can't really remember my life before these shoes, but I suspect it wasn't quite as fabulous as it is now. I sometimes just place them in front of me for inspiration. Staring at the buttery leather and beautifully carved wooden platform to solve the mysteries of the world - or just to procrastinate on my homework.


My friend Shay and I were finally able to go on a little thrifting trip, which turned up no clothes for either of us and a couple cool home decor items for Shay. But, despite the lack of massive haul, we managed to have a pretty fantastic time and I have a mental collection of quotes that absolutely need sharing:

(On the subject of all the freaking corduroy)

Me: "Shay, this is what you really need."
Shay: "Oh definently."
Me: "Look over here too - another pair, but in pink!"
Shay: "Look over here too - in brown."
Me: "And again" - turning around - "OH GOD, there's more. How much corduroy can one woman handle?!"

(On the subject of brown clothing pieces)

Me: "I'm kind of bias, Shay. So don't trust my opinion on it."
Shay: "Why?"
Me: "I have a severe astigmatism to brown clothes." - processing what I just said - "WAIT. No. I mean, I have severe stigmatism to brown clothes. ERR. Wait. No. I associate a severe stigma with brown clothes... stigmata? No. That can't be right."

(On the subject of that special holiday sweater)

Me: "Shay, this is what you really need. Forget what I said before."
Shay: "For sure."
Me: "Agreed. Agreed." -noticing tacky holiday themed shoes - "And you can coordinate your tacky Christmas sweater with these tacky Christmas shoes."
-in another thrift store, looking at a tacky Santa Claus necklace-
Shay: "Jenna, come look at this."
Jena: "Oh yes - you need that, please buy it and immediately put it on your body."

(On the subject of the man in the car next to us)

My mumsy: "Girls - is that a baby in that car over there?"
Shay: "Oh God, I think so."
-owner of car comes over and shuts all the open car doors-
Mumsy: "He's going to kill his child - is he going back in the store?"
Me: "We could abduct his child right now. Just break open the windows and raise it as our own."
-getting out to check if there is in fact a dying child in this parked car-
Shay: "Oh - it's not a baby."
Me: "Are you sure?"
Shay: "Yeah, babies have big heads, I think we could see it from here. It's just an empty car seat."
Me: "I would've raised it as my own."
Mumsy: "What every mother wants to hear."

(On the subject of whether or not we should open a tie drawer)

Shay: "I kind of want to look at the ties, but at the same time, I'm scared of finding something horribly misplaced."
Me: "Oh goodness. I got it." -opening drawer-
 -Shay immediately manages to touch a men's cup misplaced in the drawer-
Me: "Um. Shay."
Shay: -looking down- "Oh God. Oh God!"
My Mumsy: "Don't worry - I have disinfectant. A lot of disinfectant."
-and this is why I love my mother, among a few other reasons-


We're going to go thrifting again, of course. But if we ever get the chance to go to few outlet malls, we will certainly take them. Less chance of touching items that were once used to protect a man's lower half.


The first chapter of the year has come to a close on the school front, and I look forward to more blogging - I've been less than faithful on the updates this month.

Until tomorrow~
Jenna B.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Riding Sidesaddle and Other Adventures

 Outfit Details:
Tabitha Purple Ruffle Jacket - Anthropologie
Basic Tee - Target
Grey Violet Jeans - United Colors of Benetton
Sandini Leather Boots - Nordstrom Rack


I never doodle in class all that often - mostly because I would be the person who gets caught. And because I like to really focus intently on what I'm drawing.

Nonetheless, I managed to crank out a few doodles during my slow moving Chemistry class.

Cue the fangirl-esque inspired doodlings in honor of Sherlock:

To explain: My Chemistry teacher was trying to explain the concept of "moles" and "molecular formula" to us simpletons, and I couldn't help but start to doodle.

Anyway - both photos started as doodles on lined paper, and I tried my best to remove the things using GIMP, but the first drawing (in pencil) resulted in a few new grey lines. I would have preferred not to assualt you with the ever obnoxious college ruled lines of your schooldays - but, they're pretty pesky.

While we're off in the land of fandom-ry, I think it's the perfect time to recommend you go and watch all three Sherlock episodes on Netflix. My friend Shayli, of What the Mirror Saw, is responsible for my addiction. And now, I can say with great certainty that you need to watch as well.

This is probably the greatest investment of your time you can possibly make. Drop everything and go.


Until tomorrow. :)
Jenna B.