Thursday, April 28, 2011

Black on Black on Black on...

Black Cardigan - Belk?
Black Lace Tank Top - Target
Betsey Johnson High Waisted Mini-Skirt - found here, bought at boutique
Seychelles Black Cuckoo Bootie - Nordstrom (ivory tan version found here)

Lacy Tank Top - no more than $10

Betsey Johnson skirt - $198
Cuckoo Bootie - $52 (half off at Nordstrom, full price online)

I love color, I swear. But I couldn't resist wearing my favourite shade. :)

Unfortunately, black on black doesn't photgraph in the best way always, but nevertheless. I really loved wearing this finally and felt great, even if my nose was stuffed up from my evil allergies.

AP season fast approaches, and I haven't had any time to do anything of particular interest, though I did become addicted yet again to INXS. My current favourite track is New Sensation. Yeah. They performed that song that you always knew but never knew who performed it. There you go. :)

Anywho - I might study or I might lounge about aimlessly, who can say.

Perhaps I'll have something of more interest soon enough, when these AP's pass.

Jenna B.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring. Sprung. Springing...

White Scoop Neck Tee - Nordstrom
Blue Side Lace Cardigan - Target
Alegrias Skirt - Leifsdottir 
Blue Heels - Franco Sarto (at Nordstrom)
Green Flower Ring - Peir 1 Imports
Patterned Silver Ring - gift from my father

Blue Cardigan - $15
Franco Sarto Heels - $25

Alegiras Skirt - $55


As promised - my new Leifsdottir skirt outfit. :)

The family and I went out to lunch at our favourite little place today, after a very long car ride back from NYC. We decided that we could treat ourselves one final time since it is Easter.

The places around the restaurant made perfect spots for a little impromptu photoshoot, and there you go.

I'm actually looking forward to my school reopening after our spring break ends, I need to get back into the swing of things, and the sooner we finish the sooner we'll have summer break. 

The lengthy car ride to and back from NYC called for a great deal of music, some of the favourites that I listened to that are perfect for car trips are:

-"Get Outta My Way" and "Aphrodite" by Kylie Minogue - the original pop idol, long before Britney or Christina
-"Anyway" by O.A.R - lovely lyrics and great sound - their earliest albums are the best, and worth listening all the way through
-"Who Dat Girl" by Flo Rida - because, yes, I the skinny white girl can also listen to rap if I so choose, and this song is very infectious
-"E.T"(without Kanye, please) and "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry - catchy, catchy, catchy. 

Anywho - I hope your spring is going well, and if it isn't spring on your side of our Earth, then I hope your spring *will* go well. :)

Jenna B.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Heart NY

Yeah. I'm a big fan. :)

In case you were wondering where that update was, I've been technology free for the past 3 days while on vacation in NYC.

It was a fabulous trip that included the purchase of:

-a (very fake) "Tokidoki" messenger bag, haggled down from $25 to $24, because I'm such an impressive bargainer
-a Mika Nanakashima album (my current favorite song being Crescent Moon)
-a used copy of Paradise Kiss (Vol. 4)
-a copy of GAP press' Spring/Summer Haute Couture magazine
-a book titled "the corset: a cultural history" (perfect for my research project)
-a Betsey Johnson black cotton skirt (preview it before I wear it here)

A few of those things:

I'm glad to be home, (where the heart is y'know), but I love New York and I can't wait to go back.

Now then. As promised.

The recipe is fabulous - but if you're like me, and stuck in braces, tougher bread might not be the best idea. Feel free to subsititute sourdough bread and only let it get a light brown. 

Also, if you like garlic, feel free to up the recipe to 2 cloves or even 3, rather than the recommended 1. I found the pesto rather lacking without a little extra.

It's a personal favourite of mine now, and it's perfect for spring. :)

Anywho, I'm on the run again, but I'll be wearing that Leifsdottir skirt and Betsey skirt out and about soon enough, and I'll be sure to post some pictures. 

Jenna B.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I like rain, actually.

Merona Black Flower Cardigan - Target
Merona White Tee - Target
f21 Floral Shorts - Forever 21
Antique Rose Buckle Belt - Grandmum
Merona Black Tights - Target
Born of Concept Floral Flats - Marshalls

Cardi - $15
Tee - $5
Shorts - $20
Belt - gift
Tights - $5
Flats - $10

Everything under $20 - yes, bargain shopping can be done.And never forget that your family is a wealth of fashion pieces, and it never hurts to ask if you can borrow something - they might even surprise you with a gift! :)


I attended that AP Review session yet again - what a great excuse for a new outfit to put together, and some studying thrown in (maybe).

The rain came, and decided to come down in torrential downpour, so the sky is grey and gloomy. Fortunately, I got to spend 2 hours with some pretty fun people. :)

The start of spring break officially begins now, and I intend to enjoy it - despite the weather's persistence in trying to dampen my day.

I'm going to make some Pea Pesto Crostini later today, once the peas defrost, and if it turns out as delicious as I hope, I will be sure to take pictures and include a review with my next outfit.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to conquer some videogames that I've neglected due to schoolwork.  Starting with...Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, possibly. And then, who knows...

Until later~
Jenna B.

P.S. - The weird shadow returns! And I received a new Leifsdottir skirt in the mail today, which I will be working into a new outfit. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Leave a Message at the Tone...

French Connection White Corset Top - Nordstrom Rack
Merona Brown Woven "Cardigan" - Target
Ralph Lauren Brown Linen Capri's - Borrowed from the Mum
Rocket Dog Leopard Flats - Famous Footwear

Leopard Flats - $10 (on clearance!)
Woven "Cardigan" - No more than $20, I think.



Yet again, I wore my tennis uni for game day, but this outfit came from the fabulous photoshoot I had with one Ms. Shay from What the Mirror Saw.

I love linen, even though the wrinkles in those pants might imply otherwise. I totally forgot to iron them before I took them out to wear again, but they weren't atrocious - so there you go. The outfit is really plain as far as colors go, so I had to spice it up somehow with some print, hence the leopard flats. They're great in the comfort department, and the fact that they fit me perfectly right off of the famous clearance rack made my day.

I love my tennis girls - especially when their radio station introduces me to a new, catchy song. My good friend Bruno Mars surprises me with another catchy hit -
Probably the story of my life for spring break - no work for me please. :)

Anywho, my bed is calling my name, and my muscles are aching from our last tennis match before break,

Jenna B.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I, the Candid Castaway


Purple Stretch Tank - Anthropologie
Lacy Cream Cardigan - Anthropologie
Mixed Bouquet Skirt - Nordstrom Rack
"White" Tights - Kohl's
Grey Bow Heels - Marshalls

Grey Bow Heels - $15



So, funny story. I never wore any of my proposed outfits this week, and yet, I can't resist an update and upload. I wanted to wear this today - but the tennis team had a game, so I wore my uniform like a good 'ol team member. It's a cute enough uniform, but dream outfit of the day rests above.

I've found myself pretty swamped with homework lately, especially with three tennis matches and spring break quickly approaching. Tests abound, and I should probably be studying - but let's stay optimistic and hope for the best if I don't. :)

The song that made it's way most into my playlist this week was:
Her entire Wreck of the Day album is fantastic - but that particular song is my favorite - definitely worth a listen, though I make no guarantees on the quality of the non-official music video clips. 

Anywho - Bones will soon be on the tv lineup, and my Biology test is fast approaching, so I must away.
Jenna B.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bright Lights

Black Merona Three Quater Length Tee - Target
Leifsdottir Skirt - Nordstrom Rack
Black Tights - Target
Rose Heels - Kohl's

Leifsdottir Skirt - upwards of $50 I think.

Rose Heels - $15


My photoshoot with Shayli, What the Mirror Saw, was absolutely fabulous! There was treeclimbing, horses, and home-made Arnold Palmer, so needless to say. I'm definently having this girl over to my house to do the same again. I'm saving the posts until I actually wear the outfits out about town, so the picture above is what I wore today, not something we shot over the weekend.

Anyway, I love this skirt, because it fit perfectly without any alterations, and sits in a good spot. Leifsdottir, despite how much the pieces cost MSRP, will always be one of the most accessible designers out there.

The designer, Finland native Johanna Uurasjarvi, knows how to make the most interesting pieces and still have them be wearable in the real world. The official site is here, but her pieces make their way into a bunch of outlet stores at far lower prices. You can't go wrong with quality if you decide to order something, everything is impeccable.

Anywho - my day was very uneventful, and my good friend Alex Trebek of Jeopardy! is calling me away for family time.

Until tomorrow~
Jenna B.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Honey, I'm home.


Black Long Sleeve Shirt - Target
Ralph Lauren Black Silk Blouse - Macy's
Tabitha Black Cotton Skirt - Anthropologie
"Red" Tights - American Apparel
Black Rose Flats - Ross
Harajuku Lovers Film Bag -  Nordstrom

Tabitha Skirt - $30
Rose Flats - $10

Silk Blouse - $50

AP Review session came and went yet again yesterday afternoon. Snoozefest, but I did manage to steal a piece of cake from the previous group. 

The rest of the day consisted mainly of sitting at home, getting a headstart for next weeks workload and a short little jog around the neighborhood.

I did manage to find time to listen to some new music, courtesy of Pandora and their station shuffle feature:
The lyrics are part Lily Allen and the sound is absolutely addictive:

Anywho - my friend Shay and I are having a little photoshoot this afternoon, so new outfits will find their way here. :)

Bye ~
Jenna B.

Friday, April 8, 2011

If it was a game, why couldn't I play?


Purple Merona Long Sleeve Shirt - Target
Black Bow Sweater "Dress" - Marshalls
Black Skinny Jeans - Target
Via Spiga Leather Riding Boots - Nordstrom

Black Bow "Dress" - $20

Riding Boots - $190


Dinner out with the rents again! Delicious portion of butter noodles, salad and warm snicker doodles. I probably could've packed down twice as much, but I had to leave some for the rest of them.

That's all, nothing much else new. :)

'Til tommorrow ~
Jenna B.

P.S. I love how it looks like my shadow is an apparition behind me. Totally unintentional.

But in all honesty...


Black Striped Cotton Shirt - Boutique in Oregon
Merona Skinny Jeans - Target
Sandini Leather Boots - Nordstrom Rack
Cameo Ring - Nordstrom Rack
Black Bracelets (that I *live* in) - Hot Topic

Skinny Jeans - $20

Leather Boots - $120

So, I ended up wearing something more casual today than I expected. My Gym/Drivers Ed. class had a driving seminar thing outside, and despite the fact that it's spring, it was ridiculously cold. I love dressing up, but it would've been ridiculous to go all out today and freeze. 

I've been listening to Tame Impala, a four piece psychedelic rock band, after getting a recommendation from a friend of mine. They're really addictive, and even if you don't like the kind of sound that "psychedelic rock" might imply, I recommend giving them a listen.

The lyric from my title today came from the song "It Is Not Meant To Be" from their Innerspeaker album. Listen to it here, if you want.

Anywho - I'm going to run about the pantry and see if I can cook up something new for dinner tonight,
Bye ~
Jenna B.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

And then there was sun...

...but the rain came soon after.

Merona Black Long Sleeve Shirt - Target
Purple Heart Shorts - h&m
Black Tights - Target
Via Spiga Black Riding Boots - Nordstrom
White and Black Beads - outdoor market

Purple Heart Shorts - $15

Via Spiga Riding Boots - $190


The most I've even been allowed to spend on shoes. I <3 my Via Spigas. Super comfortable, supremely well made. Also the only things I've ever bought from a legitimate Nordstrom instead of the outlet store.

I bought the h&m shorts in New York earlier this year, and they're the best little find. I'm always wary of quality in h&m, but these have held up surprisingly well in the wash. They're a pretty convincing blend of man-made fabrics - they almost look like a light wool.

I wore this to a review for a Government and Politics class. Most boring class I've ever been forced to take. Snooze. At least there was food to munch on!

Anywho, I'm going to force myself to do some homework to get it out of the way.

Hopefully I'll survive,
Jenna B.


Merona Black Long Sleeve Shirt - Target
White Lace Top - Macy's
Black Skinny Jeans - Target
Sandini Leather Boots - Nordstrom Rack
Cameo Ring - Nordstrom Rack

White Lace Top - $25

Sandini Leather Boots - $120


Those boots are my absolute favourites. We have had a love affair for about 4 years now. They'll need to be resoled again soon.

The cameo ring was an accidental find. It was upside down on a hanger in the middle of the store, and I picked it up when I picked up the shirt hanger it was lying on.

I wore this out to dinner with the 'rents. We had a ton of pasta with red sauce, so it's a miracle that my klutzy self didn't manage to spill it all over my white shirt. Thank goodness. It's rather thin fabric, so it would've been disasterous.

I have a load of school work that needs to get itself done, and possibly 3 tennis matches in the coming week. Updates will probably come next weekend when I have a photoshoot with my friend Shay. :)

Off I go...
Jenna B.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Endless Sky

Black Scoop Neck Top: Target
Blue and Black Tassal Necklace: Handmade
Blue Cotton Chambray Skirt by Leifsdottir: Nordstrom Rack
Black Tights: Target

Black Jacket: Target (Modified Slightly)
Black Flower Shoes by Born of Concept: Marshalls

Black Flower Shoes - $10 on clearance

Leifsdottir Skirt - $110


Unfortunatly, the full body photos I attempted to take didn't turn out too well. I have yet to master the art of photography: hopefully updating this style blog will help me.

I'll put the pictures below for an idea of what the things might look like on.

Feel free to introduce yourself and let me know if you choose to follow me.

Bye for now,
Jenna B.