Friday, April 15, 2011

Leave a Message at the Tone...

French Connection White Corset Top - Nordstrom Rack
Merona Brown Woven "Cardigan" - Target
Ralph Lauren Brown Linen Capri's - Borrowed from the Mum
Rocket Dog Leopard Flats - Famous Footwear

Leopard Flats - $10 (on clearance!)
Woven "Cardigan" - No more than $20, I think.



Yet again, I wore my tennis uni for game day, but this outfit came from the fabulous photoshoot I had with one Ms. Shay from What the Mirror Saw.

I love linen, even though the wrinkles in those pants might imply otherwise. I totally forgot to iron them before I took them out to wear again, but they weren't atrocious - so there you go. The outfit is really plain as far as colors go, so I had to spice it up somehow with some print, hence the leopard flats. They're great in the comfort department, and the fact that they fit me perfectly right off of the famous clearance rack made my day.

I love my tennis girls - especially when their radio station introduces me to a new, catchy song. My good friend Bruno Mars surprises me with another catchy hit -
Probably the story of my life for spring break - no work for me please. :)

Anywho, my bed is calling my name, and my muscles are aching from our last tennis match before break,

Jenna B.


  1. That Arabian looks so much like one of our ponies...

  2. Aw, really, Garret? I'm so jealous that you have horses - all I get to do is pet them over the fence....

    Jena, I hope you have a marvelous spring break! :)

  3. Garret - That's amazazing. :) Those horses were lovely and wonderful.

    Shayli - I shall - you too! :)