Sunday, April 10, 2011

Honey, I'm home.


Black Long Sleeve Shirt - Target
Ralph Lauren Black Silk Blouse - Macy's
Tabitha Black Cotton Skirt - Anthropologie
"Red" Tights - American Apparel
Black Rose Flats - Ross
Harajuku Lovers Film Bag -  Nordstrom

Tabitha Skirt - $30
Rose Flats - $10

Silk Blouse - $50

AP Review session came and went yet again yesterday afternoon. Snoozefest, but I did manage to steal a piece of cake from the previous group. 

The rest of the day consisted mainly of sitting at home, getting a headstart for next weeks workload and a short little jog around the neighborhood.

I did manage to find time to listen to some new music, courtesy of Pandora and their station shuffle feature:
The lyrics are part Lily Allen and the sound is absolutely addictive:

Anywho - my friend Shay and I are having a little photoshoot this afternoon, so new outfits will find their way here. :)

Bye ~
Jenna B.

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  1. you take too many pictures of yourself, girl
    and I WANT THOSE TIGHTS!!!!!