Sunday, April 15, 2012

Totes Adorbs, Babe.

Outfit Details
Scoop Neck Tee - Target
Ruffle Bow High Waisted Skirt - Betsey Johnson
Jeffery Campbell 'Skates' -
"Pearl" Strand - Kohls


This post was originally titled "Stealing from Peter to pay Paul" because I was going to write it on Easter and I figured a Biblical aphorism was clever or something. I don't actually know if Peter or Paul were involved in Easter - and I actually don't know what Easter is about. I'd love to know how a rabbit became involved, though. Seems odd.


The post's new title comes from a conversation I had with a good friend of mine - he's a hipster in denial of his hipsterosity, and I take great pride in making fun of him. By the end of our off-the-wall ramblings on the nature of the creature known as the hipster, we'd stumbled upon the wonderful (and always appropriate) saying "totes adorbs, babe."

I don't think hipsters would actually say it - but it's catchy.


Anywho - the week is nearing a conclusion, and it marks the end of what we school-children call "Spring Break" - which I believe was formerly known as Easter Break, but there's no way we'd call it that now, and since I don't really know what Easter is Spring seems more appropriate.

Over the course of my vacation I had the opportunity to go with a group up to New York City, which is one of my favorite places in the world - not to mention the universe and the galaxy and such. 

That was my way of saying "TravelPhotoSpam" is imminent - here goes:

I love smog, don't you?  - The weather was very pleasant when we went, a bit nippy, but still pleasant.

Oh look - a charming anachronism! Classic architecture surrounded by not-so-classical architecture. (Wallstreet, by the way)

A mold of massive tree roots. Pretty cool. Pretty cool indeed.

The Guggenheim. Frank Lloyd Wright was a pretty neat guy.

I'm the boss! (Not really, but if you watch Cake Boss, you might be familiar with this little place)

I also picked up some new clothes on a little shopping spree. And met someone I never thought I'd meet. :)

More posts to come!

Until then~
Jenna B.