Thursday, February 9, 2012

Efficiency At One Hundred And One Percent.

Stirrups. <3

I almost removed this one - but I felt so Marilyn Monroe-ish. I love this skirt!

Swish, Swish - Swish some more!

 Outfit Details:
Green Tee - stolen from the mum
Hinge Tuxedo Style Jacket - Anthropologie
Elizabeth and James Tennis Inspired Skirt - Neiman Marcus
Stirrup Tights - American Apparel
Rose Flats - Ross/Marshalls?


I channeled my inner watermelon for my birthday. I love fruit. A lot.


Anywho. The title today was inspired by the fact that I've been hyper efficient lately. I've gotten a ridiculous amount of work done in what seems like a limited amount of time.

I love the feeling of getting things done. A lot. Almost as much as fruit. But not quite.

That being said, I haven't posted much on this blog here - I attribute it to my schoolwork, but it's mostly just that I haven't gotten the chance to do proper photo shoots with my hectic schedule.

Let's hope that my hyper efficiency rubs off on my posting schedule. :)


I mentioned my birthday, I believe? I turned 17 on the 31st of last month. Crazy stuff.

Gettin' old!

But not really. 

I suppose it's somewhat vain to do so - but I can't resist some gift photospam. 

For instance, these glasses - they make my life complete. Summer. Now. Please?

Prada Baroque Frames in Black. 

Oh - hey there beautiful bag. How you doin'?

Cambridge Satchel Co. Satchel in Red.  - Photo stolen from a Google image search.

And an awesome sweater, too? Woah there.

Hinge Striped Sweater.  - Photo stolent from the Nordstrom.


The sweater and satchel will make an appearance in my next outfit post. The back of the sweater is especially delightful. :)


Until next time~
Jenna B.

P.S. An art post is imminent too.  Browsing through my old versus new work has really inspired me!