Sunday, October 30, 2011

Watch The Rain Play On The Ocean Top

Outfit Details:
Leifsdottir Lace Vest - Nordstrom
Skinnies - Target
Jeffrey Campbell "Skate's" -


I can't really remember my life before these shoes, but I suspect it wasn't quite as fabulous as it is now. I sometimes just place them in front of me for inspiration. Staring at the buttery leather and beautifully carved wooden platform to solve the mysteries of the world - or just to procrastinate on my homework.


My friend Shay and I were finally able to go on a little thrifting trip, which turned up no clothes for either of us and a couple cool home decor items for Shay. But, despite the lack of massive haul, we managed to have a pretty fantastic time and I have a mental collection of quotes that absolutely need sharing:

(On the subject of all the freaking corduroy)

Me: "Shay, this is what you really need."
Shay: "Oh definently."
Me: "Look over here too - another pair, but in pink!"
Shay: "Look over here too - in brown."
Me: "And again" - turning around - "OH GOD, there's more. How much corduroy can one woman handle?!"

(On the subject of brown clothing pieces)

Me: "I'm kind of bias, Shay. So don't trust my opinion on it."
Shay: "Why?"
Me: "I have a severe astigmatism to brown clothes." - processing what I just said - "WAIT. No. I mean, I have severe stigmatism to brown clothes. ERR. Wait. No. I associate a severe stigma with brown clothes... stigmata? No. That can't be right."

(On the subject of that special holiday sweater)

Me: "Shay, this is what you really need. Forget what I said before."
Shay: "For sure."
Me: "Agreed. Agreed." -noticing tacky holiday themed shoes - "And you can coordinate your tacky Christmas sweater with these tacky Christmas shoes."
-in another thrift store, looking at a tacky Santa Claus necklace-
Shay: "Jenna, come look at this."
Jena: "Oh yes - you need that, please buy it and immediately put it on your body."

(On the subject of the man in the car next to us)

My mumsy: "Girls - is that a baby in that car over there?"
Shay: "Oh God, I think so."
-owner of car comes over and shuts all the open car doors-
Mumsy: "He's going to kill his child - is he going back in the store?"
Me: "We could abduct his child right now. Just break open the windows and raise it as our own."
-getting out to check if there is in fact a dying child in this parked car-
Shay: "Oh - it's not a baby."
Me: "Are you sure?"
Shay: "Yeah, babies have big heads, I think we could see it from here. It's just an empty car seat."
Me: "I would've raised it as my own."
Mumsy: "What every mother wants to hear."

(On the subject of whether or not we should open a tie drawer)

Shay: "I kind of want to look at the ties, but at the same time, I'm scared of finding something horribly misplaced."
Me: "Oh goodness. I got it." -opening drawer-
 -Shay immediately manages to touch a men's cup misplaced in the drawer-
Me: "Um. Shay."
Shay: -looking down- "Oh God. Oh God!"
My Mumsy: "Don't worry - I have disinfectant. A lot of disinfectant."
-and this is why I love my mother, among a few other reasons-


We're going to go thrifting again, of course. But if we ever get the chance to go to few outlet malls, we will certainly take them. Less chance of touching items that were once used to protect a man's lower half.


The first chapter of the year has come to a close on the school front, and I look forward to more blogging - I've been less than faithful on the updates this month.

Until tomorrow~
Jenna B.


  1. That tie drawer betrayed me! 'Twas horrible!!

  2. School, I will never miss it.
    You look amazing.