Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've been to the dentist a thousand times.

Black Dragon Brocade Tripp NYC Corset - Hot Topic
Black Seychelles Cuckoo Bootie - Nordstrom



Teeth cleaning today - then hitting the books again.

This outfit is an oldie - other than the shoes. I actually own a quarter of a closet full of corest-ed items, which have somehow escaped being featured on this blog. The weather or the occasion of my day seems to have prevented their appearance.

Needless to say - they will be making a return. I love them.
 (And for anyone whose frightened away at the sight of Hot Topic - let me just say, not all my corsets found themselves in that particular store and you can really find cute stuff in there sometimes! Hello Kitty related, especially.)

Anywho - being a studious student now.

Jenna B.


  1. I absolutely adoooooore your shoes! As always, really xD

    Oh look at you, being all studious.... have fun being study-ful! I'm certainly not xD

  2. oh, don't you just love going to the dentist
    i know i do
    every time i go they find something new wrong with my teeth :P