Monday, May 23, 2011

I am my hair.

Merona Black Tee and Tights - Target
Red Bustier Dress - Papaya
Rose Flats - Marshalls?


I have a great deal of respect for Lady Gaga - sure, she isn't the most traditionally beautiful woman or the most talents singer/songwriter/performer, but you can't deny that she knows how to take theatrics to the extreme and, as she's said herself, she isn't afraid nor does she complain about the "game" that is fame or the music industry in general.

In which case, most of us are familiar with Lady Gaga's first few songs - but her new single "Hair" is my new-found anthem because *my hair* is one of things that really makes up my identity. Take a listen to it here - (crazy addictive beat! You've been warned).

Anywho - since this pretty much a celebration of hair I thought I'd share some inspiration type photo of some really neat hair:

Now, that's from tumblr from ages ago and who's to say it isn't photoshopped a million different ways to Sunday, but it caught my eye and I figured I'd pass it along.

Another inspiration photo (just in general, though Jane's hair is amazing!):

I almost wish it was fall again. 

Now then -
Go forth and love your hair! If it's short, long, curly, straight, dark, light, whatever - it's your hair. 


Jenna B.

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