Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coordinate and Appreciate.

Jones New York Leopard Hoodie - Marshalls?
Rocket Dog Leopard Wrap Flats - Famous Footwear

Shoes - $5 (also clearance, like the others)


The art show last night was great, as was the accompanying concert. Really lovely. And everyone did such amazing work.

The one piece I put in was a pastel still life with orchids:



Moving to today -
My latest poem can be found here.

The weather was atrocious and bipolar. Sunny - rainy - REALLY rainy - no rain - downpour. Hate.It.

I decided to be somewhat relaxed today because of it, and just wore a hoodie over some black with matching shoes.

Which brings me to----co-ordination!
I love matchy-matchy outfits, actually. It's not something I do often as far as prints go and it's easy to over-do, but I really think matching things can be helpful and eye pleasing, versus just random stuff thrown on and expected to be considered "artsy" or "unique".
Where do the rest of you stand?

Most recently played song on my iPod:
"Private Radio" by Vanessa Carlton

Yeah. That girl who sings the song about a thousand miles and being with you (whoever than you might be) - she's actually done quite a few other songs. This one really picks me up when I have a dreary rainy day like to today.


My research project/product calls - so I will bid you adieu for another day.

Jenna B.


  1. ooo! I love Vanessa Carleton, she is great. I don't usual do matchy-matchy, but I can dig it. I like mixing lots of patterns and textures... I like your hoodie! cuuute! I am doing a giveaway on my blog if you want to enter :)

  2. Soo cool - I love the shoes and the chair you sit on is just gorgeous. Such a lovely blog you have - just found it and I adore what you do. Following you now, please come and see me sometimes, hopefully you'll like what I do and follow me too :O) Axxx