Sunday, May 1, 2011

I love not man the less, but Nature more.

Lacy Black Tank - Target?
White Dress Shirt - Borrowed from Dad
Black Skinny Capri's - Macy's? (or possibly Belk)
Rose Flats - Marshalls
Harajuku Lovers Film Noir Bag - Nordstrom
Rose Belt - gift from my grandmum
Dress Shirt + Rose Belt - free. :)



Worn to AP review session on Saturday, long review but hopefully worth it.

For those in college/high school - best of luck on finals/AP's. We're in the home stretch. It can be done!
Not much less to report, except that I have a great love for Lord Byron - the writer behind the quote.

For those who haven't done so, it's worth your time to read Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. And once you've done so, to watch the film adaptation. Both were brilliant and had their respective merits.

 (The cover of the movie poster, as well as a recent edition of the book.)

Nonfiction is not too often interesting to those who aren't history buffs - but this happens to be one of those nonfiction books that will captivate even the most ardent hater of the genre. The book is paced beautifully and never seems dull. The movie has brilliant acting, especially by Emile Hirsch and some amazing cinematography. The soundtrack to the movie is magnificent too, and perfectly captures all the different aspects Krakauer touches on in the book.

Anywho - I best get to the studying. 

Best of luck again, to those in the same boat.

Jenna B.

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