Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stripes and Sun.

Hey. There's a kitty sneaking into my picture! 

Anthropologie Striped Halter - Anthropologie
Celebrity Pink Black Capri's - Macy's
Forbidden Bump Flats - Ross


I got into an argument today (more like a friendly debate...but, same thing really) - about the definition of the "universe." 

I don't know about the rest of you but I define the universe as being synonymous with living things, and people. And that's the thing - the "universe" is really just a word that was created to account for all the stuff that makes up the space we live in. So, essentially, the "universe" doesn't exist unless people are around to give the word meaning - the same goes for time, and space, and every other word in any language. 

So I can define the universe however I see fit, because if I really want to I can say red is yellow - and the color itself (the actual thing - the idea and the form) doesn't change because I label it differently. Which would also mean that I can define a word differently or interpret it differently because it's just a word.

Now, that wouldn't be practical at all, if I went around calling cats: "pumpkin pie" and such  - but in this case, with something so undefinable as the "universe", I think there's a great deal of leeway as to what it is - and I happen to prefer my definition to the definition of others.

 I'd love to know where the rest of you stand - how do you define "universe"?


On a lighter, less mind-boggling note - I'm still addicted to the Glee kids and their version of Light up the World. Just by the way. Listen if you haven't yet!

Jenna B.

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