Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Light Up The World.

Feel free to "awww" - even though this picture does her no justice. :)

I have fallen behind in my updates, so here I am - catching up with not one, but two outfit posts. Hope you guys can handle it. I think you can.

First photo:
White Scoop Neck Tee - Nordstrom
Merona Capri Jeans - Target
Crocs Sandals (yes. Crocs. :P) - a sporting goods store of some kind
Kitty Scarf - Colombian Artisan

Second Outfit photos:
Burgundy Tee - Target, maybe Walmart?
Ralph Lauren Black Blouse (unbottoned) - Macy's, or Belk.
Black Skinny's - Target
Seychelles Cuckoo Booties - Nordstrom


In case you haven't joined in on the whole Glee-phenom, the title of this post comes from their cover of the song. Yes. I watched the Glee season finale. I didn't watch the rest of the season because of NCIS being on at the same time. I plan to watch the rest of Glee over the summer. Be as disgusted or delighted as you wish.

Now. I don't obsess over Glee, and I still refer to the characters with descriptions because I really can't be bothered to remember their names (ie. the football one, the blonde. the wheelchair kid) - but, I do have to say, that I have been playing this song repeatedly all day at whatever opportunity I may have because it is the most addictive song I think I've even come into contact with. Lady Gaga, step aside. 

Of course, maybe some other song will replace the Glee kids in a few days - but for now, crazy addicted.

I'll now log off, probably blast this song for awhile longer and conquer some reading for my English class - school year's almost up! 


Jenna B.

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  1. Just being a creep and browsing through your archives, I noticed that the second outfit photo from the bottom (where you're sitting my the door) has an awesome 60's vibe - ruffled vest, skinnies, almost-circle-sunnies (even though they're your normal glasses, haha), and of course, free-flowing hair! Absolutely gorgeous - why have I never seen this outfit before!? xD