Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oceanview, Oceanside, Ocean.

Jogging photos? I think yes. You say they're random pictures - I call them masterful works of art. Let's agree to disagree.

Shrimp! That little white thing at the bottom is in fact one of our sea friends.

Outfit Details:
White "Corset"-style dress - Guess for Macy's
Fish Bag - Marshalls
Crocs! (Ahhhhh! Yes, indeed that is what are on my feet) - Sporting goods store?


Now then - I did have other footwear before, but I switched to the Crocs for comfort and beach wading purposes. Unfortuantely, I snapped these photos before I got the chance to change. I'll probably style this dress differently for another shoot - and I will sport some more "stylish"-footwear. Though - the Croc sandal is immensely comfortable and far less ugly than the traditional style, so they're not a bad buy.

If you're curious as to the nature of "jogging photos" it is a reference to the comedy Yes Man starring Jim Carey and Zoey Deschanel. Though the movie was hardly a cinematic masterpiece, I recommend it for the night when you want a good laugh and can't seem to find anything else on. 

The family and I went to the beach a few days ago and though I detest the beach (sand? really?) I had a lovely time and I got to sport this dress I picked up in Philly!
Allow me to recommend that if you go to a beach, you slum it and purchase a hotdog or fish and chips from a cheap vendor - because we went to a quote "real" restaurant - and it was an outrageous sum of money for very little food. Though, if you want to treat yourself, why not? You're at the beach - you might as well.


I suspect I'll have some more interesting photos coming up - as I'm planning a shoot with a close friend. Hopefully it'll work out. 

Hope your summer break - or winter as the case might be, is going well.
Jenna B.


  1. love your dress, really cute outfit! it looks like you're having a fabulous holiday :)xxx

  2. Thank you so much! It really was a beautiful day. :)

  3. pretty dress!! and it look like such a nice place to be in!! (:

  4. Aww - thank you Daisy! It was a wonderful place - we had a blast. :)