Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yo te quiero con limon y sal.

There is an immense amount of photo-spam ahead, so I inserted a jump break. Feel free to hit "Read More" if you want to see what I've been up to for the past three weeks!

I've made some amazing new friends, had some great experiences, and learned so much more Spanish that it's actually trickling into my English.

The entrance into the suite I shared with the three greatest room-mates a girl could ask for. Our boy-toy, Mr. Ole, is my favourite.

Roomies! The lovely girl in the middle stayed in the room just a few doors down, but we welcome all visitors. We had plenty of room.

Chillin' with the girls on the second floor balcony. Food, fun, and craziness - too bad the boys had to miss out!

What? My only dance photo? :(
The rest were too dark or too blurry - but I think this sums up the energy. It was a great time had by all. 

Awww. I don't really know what else to say.

They could be twins right? No relation. Craziest thing - the resemblance is even more striking in person.

Yeah. That's right. Best fashion accessory ever. And some more awesome people to spend time with.

Awww. Friends.

 Guess I spoke too soon.

Playing "Capture as many beans as you can" - it was very intense. I lost. A lot.

No one was injured in our new variety of pool - though I suspect it won't catch on.

Dinosaurios! My academic group. Love you all. Especially our emotions sheet - best one ever - other groups cannot compare.

Telenovela! (Basically, Spanish soap operas.) We created an amazing story - and it was so fun! I loved working with you guys.

My telenovela girls! And a sneak-in. But I won't rat her out - she was an honorary member.

Best bus ride ever - 80's style charter bus, Spanish music for the whole ride, and these people. Love you. A lot.

My new friend - Ardy the Ardilla (Spanish for: squirrel - which you probably figured out). I seem to have an affinity for these adorable fuzzy friends.

 Yeah - that's right. We had a food party. That's Gatorade by the way. Nothing else. Oh no.

 Scrabble time! Though we kind of threw the rules to the wind.

I shrunk! How did that happen?

 Smiles! The best part of this picture is the worried kid trying to escape the frame. "Oh no! I'm in their photo - must run -run away!"

Yeah. Chillin'.

And our excursion to a little Mexican restaurant. Delicious. Fun. 

So sad it's over.

I wish there were other words that came to my mind other than "awesome", "amazing", and "best (insert something here) ever" - but it's the truth.

I'm already dying for a reunion!


Outfit posts will start up again now. I hit a ton of stores up north with the mum - can't wait to style some new ensembles. Maybe another photo-shoot with Shay? Yes please.

See you later lovlies,
Jenna B.

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