Friday, June 24, 2011

A Brief Hiatus...

The line was so ridiculously long, we were just going to snap some pictures with the entrance sign...

We gave it a few hours though, explored the city and came back - the line was gone! So we were able to get in. 

You may now call me "Runs with Squirrels" - or "Crazy Woman", whichever seems more suitable to you.

Ann Taylor Loft Silk Flower Print Dress - Ann Taylor Loft
Born of Concept Rose Sandals - Marshalls


The rents and I made it up to Philadelphia two days ago, and stayed overnight for a quick stay to the nation's place of birth. 

Philly isn't the most glorious city (take note, New York City will always reign supreme) - but you can't explore the city without appreciating the fact that it was planned carefully, and it is the home of the Philly Cheesesteak.

I have no pictures of myself devouring this wonderful sandwich, also known as Heaven in a Bun - this is because I chowed it down so quickly and because pictures of people eating are not attractive at all. But, rest assured, you have not lived until you have eaten a Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia. 

The park we explored in the city, not far from Constitutional Hall, was nice and peaceful enough. It's greatest feature was a kind Squirrel. I love squirrels, as you might have guessed from my run with one. We were having a great time, I assure you. We're pals now.


To explain the title of my post - I will be MIA until July 18th and my blog will be sadly left to gather dust for the next three weeks.

I'm attending a summer program for Spanish immersion - and this means no English music, books, TV or internet until I leave!

I am allowed to have a camera, though. So I suspect when I return you will have enough photo-spam to last you a lifetime.

I hope your next weeks will be filled with fun, laughs, joy and just general carrrying-on.

All the best, and I'll be back soon enough~
Jenna B.

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