Sunday, June 5, 2011

If we are to stay alive - see the peace in every eye.

Vintage White Vest - mum's closet
Ruffle Blouse - boutique on the eastern coast (so long ago!)
Organic Cotton Eyelet Shorts - h&m
Cameo Ring - Nordstrom
Semi-Sheer White Tights - Kohl's
Pour la Victoire Heels - Pour la Victoire
Maurizio Taiuti Floral Handbag - mum's closet 


Photoshoot sleepover! Isn't that a pretty typical girl fantasy? 

Anyway - my friend Shay of What the Mirror Saw was kind enough to host me at her house yet again for some photos. And, needless to say, the one's included were far from all of them. I think we snapped enough photos for a lifetime, but it was worth it. 

I am hardly a photographer - and even less a natural model, but Shayli had us running about to catch this beautiful light and snap these amazing photos! The forest setting was taken just as the sun was setting and the meadow/stump buisness was taken at dawn. 

Needless to say - I'll have to return the favor eventually and host her over at my house to get some snaps too. We have plently of summer break fast approaching, so I think we'll be able to.


I wanted to talk today about responsibility, work ethic, and motivation. Namely, the serious lack of it.

There are a multitude of things that I love about America - so many of the people, the places, the marvels - I'm not a super patriot, but I appreciate my country greatly.

That being said. There's a serious lack of responsibility and work ethic - or, at least, it appears that way. If there's one thing this nation was founded upon more than anything else it's hard work and effort. You could re-invent yourself, at least a little bit - at least by degrees - if you were willing to put the work in and take responsibility for your life.

I like to think that what I lack in natural talent in things I make up for with hard work. And I think that's how it should be. Natural talent can take someone so far - but if they lack motivation and work ethic, what does it matter? Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work. 
So many people my age and even into other age groups have very little motivation or interest in improving themselves. I guess that should be a good thing - people being satisfied with what they have and who they are - but that isn't what it really is. 

Complacency is not the same as happiness - and you shouldn't be satisfied with what you have if you haven't worked for it. 

People need to appreciate what they have, yes. But people need to dream, too. People need to have some kind of desire or drive to improve, because, otherwise, what does it all mean?

If you spend the rest of your life the way you are now, are you living? 

I don't know - maybe I'm wrong here. But I guess I'm from the school of thought that you should push yourself to your limits and be happy with that - be happy with who you turn yourself into.

There's nothing worse, in my opinion, than being stagnant.


On a less philosophical, muse-ish note:

Shayli and I each shot with two outfits - so I'll have photos from the other shoot soon.

Also, if you need some music to finish the weekend off:

All from the new Within Temptation album, The Unforgiving. 
I love the sound and they lyrics to this album, definently a one of their best.

Maybe not your cup of tea - but give it a try! Variety is the spice of life. 


Jenna B.


  1. beautiful whtie combination!! love your shoes and bag!! so romantic!!

  2. Thank you so much dear! :D I love romantic looks - glad you do too.

  3. I absolutely love this outfit!