Friday, June 3, 2011

Stop. Colour Block.

Unplanned. Seriously. 

On me:
Pink Scoop Neck Tee - stolen from the mum
Black Merona Skirt - Target
Rose Flats - Ross/Marshalls?
Lime Green Tote Bag - also stolen from the mum (poor thing won't have anything left pretty soon!)


Now then. Yes. The matchy outfits are in fact unplanned. I swear! The Shayli (of What the Mirror Saw) did not consult with me in the morning. We just had a mind melt. Shows how close we are, or how crazy - it's a toss-up.

I wanted to try colour blocking for the first time. I saw these pieces in my mum's closet and said "hey. I should definently snatch these and throw them on. Such cute colours!"

So, since my mummy loves me - she allowed me to do so. And there you go. 

I love this outfit now - not to mention all the "omg - you guys match! you planned this right?" from our fellow classmates. Good times! :)


Now, allow me to ramble about something.


As much as I am annoyed/disturbed/distressed by them many times - I love them to death. All of them. 

I think it's very easy in life to be overcome with hatred and apathy toward your fellow man - needless to say, it isn't without reason or justification, people can be cruel. They can disappoint you. They can hurt you - in all sorts of ways. They can do all manner of things - seemingly without cause when you experience it.

But, that's the thing. Everyone has a reason for everything they do. Even if it isn't a good one - in fact, even more reason when it isn't a good thing. Everyone has stuff.

"Stuff" being pain or whatever else is the root cause of their actions. Jealously. Prejudice. Anything, really.

That never makes up for the things they do to other people, but it's the fact that people always have reasons that gives me hope. It means that people are, in fact, people - people who screw up, people who don't know how to handle their anger or their sadness.

Everytime someone insults me - which isn't all that often (at least to my face) - I try to remember that I shouldn't take it so personally. Usually, or almost always I think, people project all their own insecurties or "stuff" onto other people to feel better. 

It doesn't so much matter who - it just matters that it isn't them.

Whenever I hear someone sling something like "He should have been aborted" or "he's such a retard" - horrible things, that no one should say to anyone - I try to think about it for a minute.

Because, when I stop and think, I can process and make sense of it.

I can reflect and realize that the kid saying all of those hurtful things probably worries that his mother or his peers wish he had been aborted or he fears that people think he's stupid. And he thinks if he slings that kind of talk on someone else, it will distract or make him feel that much better about himself.

It never does - but it's easier than accepting himself or his own fears.

People are cruel and crude, yes. But they're people, and I get to share the Earth with each and every one of them. I just like to think that their actions have some kind of motive behind them - that maybe, someday, they'll change their ways or accpet themselves and be happier than they are when they do the cruel things.

I love people. All of them. Every part of them. Even the cruelty.

So, I think I've rambled enough for the day! This wasn't really inspired by any incident today - just a musing that I wanted to get out.

I'd be interested if you agree or disagree and why - drop a comment if you want to share and get in on the discussion. :)


On a lighter, less ramble-ish note: I recieved a package yesterday from the fabulous Betsey Johnson! I had ordered a dress from her during her Memorial Day Sale and it arrived today.

Sneak preview:

Hehehe. Yeah. A box and a cute bag. Guess you'll have to wait to see it!

I actually wore the outfit in this post on Thursday, and wore the Betsey dress today - but, alas, internet world shall have to wait and see.



Also - recent iPod listens:

"Wonderwall" by Oasis
"Naive" by The Kooks
"Light up the World" by the cast of Glee!
"Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Collins

Maybe one (or two or all) will strike your fancy. You really can't go wrong. :)


I think is my longest post to date! 

I'll wrap it up with a toodles and see you later~
Jenna B.

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