Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's go on a Safari or something.

Flores&Flores Silk and Tulle Safari Dress - Nordstrom Rack
Candie's Rose Heels - Kohl's


Bear in mind, for this post, that the weather outside for the majority of the day consisted of 90-100 degrees with almost 100% humidity and a heat advisory. Ridiculous.

Now - the reason I donned such an outfit on such a day: research project presentations. A year-long investigation of how to design a fashion collection and incorporate corsets into them.

Corsets and I = lifelong love affair. 

I would've worn one for my presentation but I would've likely lost points - so I kept it professional and braved the heat in this. Naturally, in the afternoon, in my air-conditioned home, I was able to have a little photo shoot with the mum. :)

In the news also, I confronted a fear today:

Wearing my hair back in a bun. I love the feeling of having my hair out of my way and just letting my face be. That said, I've always lived with the feeling that I have a "man face" and I feel really masculine and exposed without my hair to point out my femininity. The combination of my father's face and a small bust just makes me think that everyone might look at me and think - "huh. Is that a guy in a dress or just a really ugly girl?" - Which, I guess is silly and probably untrue, but. Still. 

Anywho - my insecurity aside, I really feel good about the project I turned in and the presentation I gave. Hopefully my grade will reflect that. One can only hope.

I am famished now - silly computer, keeping me from a delicious dinner! 

I bid you adieu until tomorrow~
Jenna B.


  1. Jenna
    you look so pretty :D

  2. You did fabulously on your presentation, and let me tell you: the first thing I thought when I saw your hair in a bun was, "Oh, she looks so pretty! I've never seen her wear it that way before". Positively gorgeous :)

  3. Oh Jenna, darling. It hurts to hear you think like that of yourself, though I completely recognize the feeling. You have a beautiful face and a gorgeous body, and the kind of look that would make the Top Model-people go crazy! They'd probably cut your hair really short and dye it black or something, but whenever they do that to a girl, I always think she looked so much more real and beautiful before. And yes, I am positively obsessed with Top Model. It's one of my many vices.

    Plus! Even if you would look like a boy, which you don't - that look is also amazing, in my opinion! There are so many different types of beauty in this world, I wish we wouldn't limit us to only accepting so few.

    The dress looks beautiful and is very original, and oh my gooosh Jenna, the caaaat! I LOVE!


  4. Tori - Thank you dear! :D Loved your prom picks, by the way.

    Shay - As usual, love you and many thanks. <3

    Annika - I love Top Model too - mostly for background noise, but I like to see the end photos at elimination. And "smile with the eyes" type-Tyra encouragements and buzz phrases!

    I never let the insecurity stop me either - definitely rockin' a bun for most of the summer! :)

    My kitty = my life. Yes. Let me just agree with you again - cats are fabulous.

    Thanks for the comment! <3