Thursday, June 9, 2011

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Merona Simple White Tee - Target
h&m Gold and Silver Corset (modified) - h&m
BCBG Simple White Shorts - BCBG outlet
Monteray Bay Sparkle Strap Wedges - Payless


Quote of today from Derek Bok.

To explain the quote:
My final Government/Politics class of the year (and hopefully ever) - consisted of a series of discussions and "debates" on certain issues.

My dear friend Shay, of What the Mirror Saw, takes the class with me, and we discussed the merits of more funding for education. Just kind of stuck with me all day.

I cannot express enough how important it is to educate yourself - not only with school and classes and such, but with exposing yourself to new situations, lifestyles and ideas. The world is vast - explore it!

Might elaborate on this later, too. There's a lot to cover.


The school day was cut in half today, so my dear mama took me shopping at our favourite outlet stores.

We hit an amazing sale and clearance section at Anthropologie, allow me to spam you with pictures of the haul!

The bags came from a run to Marshalls - but the clothing is all Anthropologie steals!

Best deal?
Violet Jacket - $9.95 (yes, only about ten dollars) reduced from $180


This is why I shop with my super savvy sale snooping mummy!

The rest?
All under $25.

Everything was reduced by an extra 25%, plus, everything was clearance already.

Our total bill was significantly less than what one item would have been at full price.

Basically, a 7 for 1 deal.


Anyone else play the sale game? Share please!


Last day of school tomorrow! Summertime fast approaching.

Jenna B.

P.S. - My dearest Kitsune the cat was also quite happy about the shopping haul. She couldn't resist trying them on.

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