Sunday, August 14, 2011

Insert Clever Title Here

Outfit details:
Ralph Lauren Black Ruffle Blouse - Belk? 
Lace Cami - Target
Merona Capri's - Target
Snakeskin Flats - Nine West


 Pictures from my volunteer day - finally, after I don't know how many days after.

I have an extreme dislike of denim in general - especially the classic blue, rough and tumble denim here. I think to myself "Jenna - you're not digging for gold out west or planting some kind of shrubbery - so why do you need this fabric against your body? HMMMMMMM?" 

And to that I say - sometimes, I like to rough it and pretend I'm a cowboy. (The actual reason of course being that sometimes I like to wear something a bit more casual and comfy.)

I dressed it up a bit though - with the blouse for some easy-breezy effects and these neglected flats from the depths of my closet. So - it wasn't a total wild west kind of moment for me in fashion history. 

I have recently conquered almost all of my school assignments for the summer - but I still have a book and some writing left to tackle. 
I'll wrap up this short little post with a preview for another look I wore out and about - which needs a proper photoshoot soon. 

The flats return! I think I ought to wear them more or they might start to feel neglected.

Jenna B.

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