Thursday, August 11, 2011

Open the doors - run free.

Geez mom, you're making me laugh! :)

Black Scoop Neck Tee - Target
Burberry Brit Kensington Jeans - Burberry Outlet
Rocket Dog Lotus Flower Wrap Shoes - Famous Footwear
Flower ring - Pier 1 Imports


I just began to realize how old I am.

I don't know why it took so long to sink in - but, my high school years are flying by now. Needless to say, that's not really a bad thing (hello - college) - but, it kind of crept up on me. 

My age epiphany did not randomly come to me, as so many other random thoughts do when I'm sitting at my computer with a blank screen after my outfit pictures. I helped out with a freshman orientation for my high school and saw all the new blood coming in. And then I realized. Those days are so far away. They passed like *finger snap here*. 

 Not that I look any older - because, quite frankly, I think I've looked the same since about the 7th grade. I think everyone else has filled out and shifted and metamorphosed. While I (and one other fellow friend) have discovered that we are probably vampires. I swear. I need to dig out some old photos for comparison for you.

I like the idea of growing up - I always have. I think there's something wonderful about being privileged enough to grow older - because, it is a privilege. Too many people don't have the opportunity to grow older, and it's one of the many tragedies of our world today. Of course, on the other side of that is those that have to grow older more quickly, and miss out childhood. I like to think I've been very fortunate in that respect - I've grown at a decent pace. 

And now that I'm done musing about how at 16 I'm becoming old - OMG GUYS I THINK I SEE A GREY HAIR!!!111!!!!11 - allow us to continue to the clothing.

I. Love. These. Jeans. 

I want to sleep with them on. I want to shower with them on. I want to just wear them all the time. But I stop myself - somehow.

They're super comfortable (soft and cozy) and yet made of durable denim. I have no idea how this is possible. Burberry needs to send me their secret. I also love the plaid pocket lining. It's just a cute touch - makes me feel even better in them. Because, really, who else other than me is going to see the pocket lining?

The outfit was really easy, which isn't common for me because I love to be bold and crazy and have god-only-knows how much going on. But, I had to highlight these jeans. They needed to be the center of attention, and I couldn't bring myself to draw attention away from them at all.

I also dug this ring out of closet - it's been stuck in my jewelry box far too long. What luck that it was the exact same colour as these jeans. Talk about a win. 


Anywho - I hope your week has gone well - tomorrow is Friday, so if it hasn't, you have that to look forward to.~
Jenna B.


I'm helping out at my school again this afternoon - so I might take photos of my casual-working style outfit for another change of pace.


My mum and I went on a bit of a shopping spree - preview anyone?


  1. wow. shopping with mom.. love it! and lovely shoes you have there, gorgeous...

    im following your blog now..
    hope you check and follow my blog too.
    i talk about fashion and more...

  2. Those shoes are cuuute!
    Can't wait to see the freshman haha
    and to spend another sarcastic year with you torturing James!

  3. You look so amazing! I love the pants and the shoes! I want to go shopping with my mom actually now that you have brought that up. lol

    Also I finally made a post on this here thingy! Ha ha ha :D