Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adrift in the shallows, a modest repose.

Outfit Details:
Ralph Lauren Ruffle Blouse - Belk
Lace Cami - Target
Tabitha "Purple" Cotton Skirt - Anthropologie
Seychelles "Cuckoo" Booties - Nordstrom


I loved this black skirt so much (and it's purple counterpart went on sale a few months afterward) - so, naturally, I had to coordinate it in a similar way. The original outfit with flats - this with heels. If you find something you really love - buy two. Seriously.



In my new "mellow" music mood - I re-discovered some music I'd forgotten about on my iPod:

The lyrics: I know - lyric spam, but they're so beautiful. I can't help myself.

Coconut Grove
Is a very small cove
separated from the sea
by a shifting shoal
we didn't realize that
we had arrived
at high tide, high tide
barely made it out alive

red over white

fishermen working at night
not even once
did we see a light
we didn't realize
the forecast had been revised
by moonless skies and
shifty wind that gusts and dies

on the sand our keel is heaving

but tonight we've got to be leaving
travel through the day and into the evening

Marathon how long we've been gone

and still not yet set foot upon you

your low lying shore opens welcomingly

to one who's spent the night at sea
Adrift in the shallows, a modest repose
adorn with coral, your bright colors show
ushered in through a bridge that is never closed


The song has a great maritime sound to it, and killer lyrics and vocals to boot. Give it a listen. :)

Now then - real blog post-y stuff time:

I have a special place in my heart for just about anything Jane Austen related, from the classic Pride and Prejudice to the lesser known, and unfinished Sand and Sandition. I am accordingly a sucker for all films that come out and try to live up to her novels. And even if they fail miserably, I'll probably find something I love about them.

Which leads us to the 1999 movie adaptation of Mansfield Park: 


For any other Austen lovers or period drama enthusiasts about the internet, I encourage you to watch the film. Not because the film is an accurate portrayal of the novel - but because it is not.

The fact that the film skews and leaves out some major details from the novel might make one believe that the movie must be a failure of some kind - which it is not. The dialogue is witty - the characters are charming, disgusting or downright obnoxious - as they should be. You can't help but start rooting for and against some of the actors, despite your best efforts and you'll laugh (out loud, mind you) at some of the clever banter - I guarantee it. 

But - read the book. It's better, no doubt. This movie was enjoyable and worthwhile. There was something about the director's interpretation of Mansfield Park that I enjoyed immensely. I can't really explain it any better than that. It was interesting - my time was not wasted.

Jane Austen purists are free to scoff in derision - while the rest of us enjoy a nice film, with some fine acting. Especially fine acting by some, actually.


Having finished some AP work - I'm now going to enjoy some mindless television with my dear mum.

Until tomorrow~
Jenna B.

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