Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Slow Enough to Make You Uncomfortable

Well well well. If it isn't Shay! Looking all natural and wonderful and such.

Outfit Details:
Black Scoop Neck Tee - Nordstrom
Vince Two-Tone Skinnies - Neiman Marcus: Last Call
ASN Silver Converse-style Shoes - Nordstrom Rack
Betsey Johnson Mirror Belt - Nordstrom Rack
Harajuku Lovers 80's Geometric Print Shoulder Bag - Marshalls
Gifted Silver Rings
Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails - Lacy Lilac nail polish


First things first, I'm going to share my latest English assignment, two paragraphs using the rhetorical strategy of "example":

                People possess a predisposition to addiction of two kinds: addiction chemically, and addiction emotionally. I personally already possess a form of both addictions. A serious chemical addiction to caffeine, especially when a part of a delicious beverage like coffee and a serious emotional addiction to the baristas of Starbucks, who know what kind of dangerously addictive beverage to serve me.
                When people enter Starbucks, they never really leave. The smell of roasted coffee beans enters their untainted nostrils and promptly soils them with their addictive perfection. The people of Starbucks come from all walks of life; the mailman, the businessman, the 16 year old girl.  Our brains clearly tainted with caffeine, we return to Starbucks day after day – waiting for our tall, grande or venti drug in a zombielike fashion. We clog the “drive-thru” lane until the line of cars waiting backs into the highway and cause all sorts of delays. The leading cause of traffic backup in North America begins with close proximity to a Starbucks. Sometimes the customers try to stop – to take control of their minds and lives and go forth without coffee and without the company of fellow Starbucks-ians, but to no avail. The drug calls these blasphemers back - with headaches, and low energy levels. These brave souls drag themselves back to their local coffee shop and promptly order 2 to 3 shots of espresso and never look back. They return later in the week, full of pep and life, and waste their money away on their drug of choice, much like myself. In fact, as I write English assignments, I generally hold tight to my Caramel Frappucinno and sip slowly at the frothy coffee mixture, as I contemplate my next paragraph or two.


I think it's rather clever. I hope my English teacher feels the same. 


Anywho - onto the outfit!

I wore this to a concert I attended with my good friends Shay of What the Mirror Saw and Haley our resident Vlogger.

I was shocked (in a good way) by two things:

1. There's actually some really talented people out and about in my po-dunk community. The bands and one solo performer we saw were all really infectious and whatnot. 

2. These shoes are actually quite comfortable if you need to stand on your feet for three hours. I thought I'd end up with a footache and need Tylenol for awhile but - no. I'm good. And I love my sparkly shoes.

And while we're on the topic of shoes, allow us to take a brief excursion into my current shoe wishlist:

All pictures stolen from Solestruck.
I love everything about these shoes - and I suspect a great deal of allowence money will find itself wasted soon enough. 


Now then:

Post title today comes from the song "Maps" by the Front Bottoms, who were one of the bands I saw with my friends:


The rest of their album should be available to purchase on iTunes tomorrow, so give them a listen if they strike you as your style.


I wish there were more to talk about - but, alas, I must attend to some of the homework I've neglected over this weekend.
Labor day, and I'm laboring over some work. Blegh.

Until tomorrow~
Jenna B.


  1. Ohhh, I remember that song now! I just didn't know what it was called - love it :) And I'm super duper impressed with your paragraphs... mine are boring and sad, haha. Oh well, when it's homework cram time, you do what you can xD

  2. XD So true. I was just glad we could do whatever we wanted. If it had been a given topic, I bet my paragraphs would be a lot sadder.