Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keep calm and twirl.

Is that a neighbour I see hoping into my picture? Pssh.

Outfit Details:
Bright Red Shirt - Target
Skinnies - Target
Sandini Leather Boots - Nordstrom Rack
Lace Detailed Trenchcoat - Target


Target plugs - totally unintentional. 

Anywho, the weather around these parts is cooling off for the season, and I think we've finally entered the fall. I took the opportunity to wear this trench that I bought about a year ago and neglected in my lonely coat closet. Poor thing. 

Speaking of seasonal changes, I love the fall. Allow me to explain why: (cue the list!)

1. There are no bugs. No bees, no flies, no mosquitos. It's fantastic. You might say the winter also lacks these things - which, it does, but the winter isn't quite as fantastic for another reason.Which brings us to...

2. The weather is perfect. Unlike the winter, which is cold and dreary. I'll take a light breeze over a cold gale gust any day.

3. The colours are better. Sure - the flowers are nice in spring, the summer is nice and green but the fall has variety. It has shades of oranges, browns and touches of pinks and purples. 

And probably the most applicable to this blog:

4. The fashion options are innumerable. The summer consists of shorts and tanks, the winter of bulky coats and red noses, and the spring is neither here nor there, and all your outfits are kind of confused. The fall is the perfect blend of choices. 

That's not to say that the fall isn't without flaws, because there are plenty. Cue the next list!

1. The common cold strikes in the fall. The evil, energy-draining monstrosity known to us as the Rhinovirus. Blegh. I can just feel my sinuses hurting and my coughing beginning.

2. School starts in the fall. That's not to say I don't like school - it's just that when it starts it's hard to get into the swing of things, and the nasty cold you inevitably develop will keep you from operating on all cylinders.


So, from this we can deduce that I'm coming down with a cold. Probably. Maybe it's just the sudden weather change playing games with my allergies. But, I'm pretty sure the sickness is coming. Which is unfortunate, because the schoolwork is piling up. Must. Boost. Immune. System.

Departing from that - in my mad rush to get ahead on my school work, I've completed a few vocabulary activities to get some extra points.

You might notice the rather awkward and glaring vocabulary words, but I rather like I poem I came up with (hmm - arrogance?) so here goes:

Fanatics have a certain predilection
For everything others don’t.
Ideologies that seem to us,
Much stranger than fiction.

There’s a certain apprehension
I feel in my stomach these days
When I pass through my neighborhood
And notice these breakaway factions.

I’d love to call them heathen
And consider them the world’s trash.
But I can’t help myself to wonder
If it would be right to begrudge them so.

To call their ideas gibberish
To call them abominations
To call upon my most vindictive self
And put them in some subservient position.

The temptation is formidable and almost too great
But conjures up the images
Of things I so hope to avoid.

Of some kind of junta
Hell-bent on keeping their kind
In their place.

Of people with a defeated sense of deference
But try hopelessly to ingratiate themselves
To no avail.

Of an inert society
Exuding the smell of stagnation
Whose only titillation
Comes from the special suffering
Of these chosen few.

I wonder sometimes
At all the exaltation
For the ideas we hold so dear
And wonder sometimes even more
If we are not prodigiously dissembled.

Are you innocent
When another corroborates your story
But you both lie through your teeth?

I wake up some mornings
And my mind greets me with trepidation
Of this war within me.

I wonder if I should
Condemn those who differ.

But more often I wonder,
Should I too be questioning what’s right?


Take from it what you will - or just skip over it; whatever strikes your fancy.

On a side note, I use the word "I" way too much. My blog is starting to sound like a personal shrine or something. Ick. That needs fixing. And all this talk about school. Pssh. School.

Until tomorrow (or maybe a few days - things are getting hectic up in here!)~
Jenna B.

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  1. I apologise - my wanting to not miss school (illogical, I know, but I'd have had SO much make-up work!) probably gave you whatever horrible cold I had all last week! Sorry... If it's any consolation, I absolutely adore your trench, and your poem :)