Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chipping away, little by little.

Is that a cat I see? How did she manage to scamper in and get in a photo?....

The Outfit:
Leifsdottir Sweater - Nordstrom Rack
Black Skinnies - Target
Tracy Reese Caroline Bootie - Bloomingdales (available in all black at Endless)


How does the weather become so bipolar? I suppose it has something to do with cold and warm fronts, is something rather elementary and is something I should know from my basic Earth Science course - but, I don't really know - I just dress accordingly.

It's rather dreary and rainy here in my little Burg. I think our high today was 75 - which is quite a difference from the usual high of 90-something.

I took this opportunity to wear this sweater. It was rather nice, because my school is kept at about the same temperature as an icebox, and because it was wet and rainy outside, I didn't look ridiculous.


I have conquered my mountain of homework for the night - reducing it to nothing a smaller mountain.

 And now I have enough time to sit down and type out this post. :)


So what are we going to talk about today? 
I'm thinking we should talk about school - because I happen to be a rather studious student and I spend a great deal of time either at school/at school when I'm at home/thinking about school/doing schoolwork/and generally doing all things school-related at almost all times.

1 - school is a job. People like to tell the youth (ie. me) this all the time, and it's true. I think I devote an average of 40 hours a week doing school-related things. And if I devoted any less I would probably not be quite as successful in my work.

2- school is tiring. Just like a job is tiring, because school is a job - students like myself are constantly tired and/or dragging through the day. This has very little to do with the number of hours we sleep - because I go to bed at 9 and wake up feeling about the same as I would going to bed at 12; the institution is a drain. Sleep has no power here.

3- school is tiring. You might think you've heard this before. Maybe you have. Maybe I typed it twice because I'm so tired, or maybe so I could make this joke and feel clever. You'll never know.

4 - school is supposed to be rewarding. Whether or not you buy into this is up to you - I like to think it is, because if I don't I tend to spend a lot of time wondering why I spend so much time there and why it seems to creep home with me.

5 - school is not forever (thank goodness) - but learning is. No matter how much we may dread the deadlines, work, and general atmosphere - the school part of life is fleeting and promptly forgotten when we face the terrors of adult life - with new worries like "how will I feed myself?" and "how will I pay this enormous mortgage bill and/or shoe bill?" The learning part of life is never over, however. Learning is something we do until the day we die.

So - I guess the conclusion to my semi-rant is that you can get through school and join the ranks of society - just don't let it ruin learning for you. Because, it's a shame when people don't want to learn - and an even greater shame that it's so commonplace in our society today. Learning is fun, even if school isn't always. 

PLUS - those of us in the public or really *chill* (for lack of all better words) private schools can enjoy putting together cute outfits everyday. 

Nothing makes school more fun than a new pair of shoes, seriously.
*this also applies to pants, tops...


And that's all I have for you today. Enjoy school tomorrow if you have it, and if not - enjoy trying to figure out how to pay your shoe debt  mortgage.

Until tomorrow, or maybe the next day if school gives me too much to do~
Jenna B.

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