Monday, January 10, 2011

Deco. Project: Kanzashi Revamped

So following my last post - I decided to upload some of my past projects using the technique I outlined. 

Forgive the poor quality, I had to use my dad's cheapo camera instead of my mum's.

They are:

Punk Kanzashi Headband

I love this, mostly beacuse it was the first one I made that I was actually proud of. They're made with a silk, a Target headband, beads from JoAnn's and lace ribbon from an older project.


Pink Kanzashi

I'm sure you notice the fray, which is the result of laziness about starching the brocade fabric before I cut it. But otherwise, I really love this because it adds instant color to an outfit I might wear. I actually really do love pink.


Tulle Headband

The fray problem is lessened, but it's actually still there if you look close enough. This was made for a formal event a few years back. I still love it because I can wear it with the tulle coming on my face, very "funeral viel" or I can wear it going back and have it be more festive/party.


Unrelated to the kanzashi headbands above, but still a much beloved project is:

Rainbow/Pride Headband

Made completely of recycled aspects of past projects.

More to follow, stay tuned! :)

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