Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Art Issue.

So much contrast! It looks kinda neat though, I think.

Outfit Details
Hinge Tuxedo Style Jacket - Anthropologie
Tee - Target
Heart Shorts - h&m
Tights - Target
Wedges - Nine West


Tennis has left me realizing just how much I need to work out. Hello muscle I didn't know I had - nice to meetcha.


To explain the title: I've been really dying to share some of my art with you all. Art is basically what keeps me going - so I don't know why I haven't posted much of my work until now!

Most of the work is recent - within the past couple months, though a few pieces have hit the one year mark.

Without further adieu - cue the art spam:

I might actually read it now. Maybe.

I love color - even though I don't wear a great deal of it.

One of my favourite Spanish performers - this was a quick drawing, maybe 30 minutes.

With lyrics from "The Librarian," by Laura Jane Scott. - published online on a local website.

Entered into an art contest recently - inspired by Carey Mulligan on the cover of W.

Sherlock. Featured in another post - but I love it so much!

Based on an older photo of my favorite Shayli of Painted Magnolias.


And to close things up: A vanity shot of myself and my cat. She loves me. I think...

Until next time~
Jenna B.

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  1. amazing shoes and color on your shorts. i absolutely adore all the drawings!!